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Kwartalnik naukowy Wydziału Pedagogiki i Psychologii Uniwersytetu Śląskiego.
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T. Jablonský - Cooperative Learning as an Innovative Trend in Education
G. Yuksel - Incorporating Blogs and the Seven Principles of Good Practice into Preservice ICT Courses: a Case Study
H. Özkul, H. Kaya - The Views of Nursing Students about their own Information Literacy
T. Huk - Information Technology in the Process of Key Competence Development
J. Oravcová - Learning Styles of University Students in Relation to Educational Methods
M. Kozielska, R. Kędzierski - Computer Simulation in Learning Physics as a Useful Teaching Method
M. Peker - The Effects of an Instruction Using Problem Solving Strategies in Mathematics on the Teaching Anxiety Level of the Pre-Service Primary School Teachers
S. R. Subramaniam - Investigation into the Teaching Approaches Implemented in Community Lifelong Learning Programmes
V. Yilmaz, H. Eray Çelik - Attitudes Towards Computer Usage According to Different Educational Levels
E. Smyrnova-Trybulska, J. Grudzień - E-learning in the Computer Science
J. Świrko-Pilipczuk - Awareness of Pedagogical Education Concepts in Conditions of Reflective Modernity

T. Borowska - The Internet Addiction versus Aggressive Behaviour among the Youth
I. Emmerová - Bullying of Pupils at Primary and Secondary Schools and its Prevention in the School Environment in the Slovak Republic
M. Niklová - Prevention of Drug Addiction at Primary and Secondary Schools in the Slovak Republic
Z. Novotný - Philosophy of Toleration
A. Nowak - Mediation as an Alternative form of the Juridical Proceeding toward Juvenile Delinquents
S. Ondřej - The Role of a Carer in Relation to Socially Disadvantaged Persons. Personality and Professional Activities of a Carer of Socially Disadvantaged Persons

T. O`Donoghue, J. Harford - A Contemporary Overview on Secondary School Teacher Education in the Irish Republic
M. Pšunder - Future Teachers` Knowledge and Awareness of their Role in Student Misbehaviour
P. Kutáč, V. Gajda, M. Přidalová - Teacher Trainees` Epistemological Beliefs: Effects of Gender, Institution, and Discipline (Mathematics/Social Sciences)
N. Baloglu, E. Karadag - A Study of the Relationship between the Prospective Teachers` Attitudes toward the Teaching Profession and their Preferred Coping Strategies with Stress
N. Oguz-Duran, A. Yüksel - Values of Counselor Trainees: the Effects of Gender and Grade Level

I. Chrzanowska - The Need for an Interdisciplinary Approach to Rehabilitation
J. Bulska - Life Environment and its Influence on the Child`s State of Health and Frame of Mind
J. Mišíková, V. Filipi - Parents as Partners in the Rehabilitation of Adolescents

J. Smogorzewska, M. Karwowski - Some Social Predictors of Preschoolers` Verbal Creativity

A. Łobos - In Harmony with Nature - Elements of Ecology in Pedagogy and Art

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  • 26 sty 10 1:36
Anna Nowak - Application of Legal Knowledge in Social Pedagogy
Ewa Wysocka - Experiencing Life at a Young Age - Identity Problems and the Strategies for Coping with Th em, as Perceived by Academic Youth
Štefan Chudý, Svatava Kašpárková, Štefánia Kročková, Anna Masariková - The Success of UTB Social Pedagogy Study Discipline Graduates in Working Practice
Karolina Walancik-Ryba - Considerations on the Topic of Deciding about the Fault in Case of the Irretrievable Breakdown of Marriage in Divorce Proceedings

Julius Sekera - The Community System in Re-Socialization Institutions for Adolescents
Mariusz Sztuka - Polish Corrections - Halfway to Late Modernity (the Text for the Conference on International Corrections and Prisons Association "A Decade of Lessons Learned", Prague, October 2008)
Jacek J. Błeszyński - Speech of People with Autism
Beata Dyrda - The Process of Diagnosing the Underachievement Syndrome in Gifted and Creative Children

Bill Templer - Exploring Teachers` Real Lives and Voices - A Vital Research Focus in Pedeutological Inquiry
Engin Karadag, Nuri Baloglu - Path Analysis of How Prospective Teachers` Sense of Efficacy Affects Their Styles of Coping with Stress, Student Control Orientations and Attitudes toward Teaching Profession
Erhan Ertekin, Bülent Dilmaç, Ali Delice, Emin Aydin - Teacher Trainees` Epistemological Beliefs: Effects of Gender, Institution, and Discipline (Mathematics/Social Sciences)
Branislav Pupala, Zuzana Petrová - The Problem of Theory and Practice in University Course Theory and Methods of Literacy Development

Saeid Moradi - Modelling of ICT Literacy and Its Evaluation Among Principals and Staff in Educational Organizations

Jonathan W.P. Goh, Charlene H.P. Tan - Policy and Evidence of Marketisation of Education in Singapore Schools

Mirosław Kowalski - Television as a Health Value Carrier. World of Illusion - World without Health?

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  • 26 sty 10 1:34
A. Nowak, E. Bielska - The Principle of Meritocracy and the Function of Emancipation in the Context of Pathology within the Sphere of Education
E. Ogrodzka-Mazur - From national to global identity. Globalization versus patriotic and civil attitudes of contemporary youth
T. Wilk - Social Role of Theatre - From Antiquity to Modern Times
A. Żywczok - Introspection and Discourse in Communication and Upbringing of People of Science - Based on Biographical-Hermeneutical Research
A. Szczurek-Boruta - Community in the Culture of Individualism - Social Dilemma of our Times
S. Karikó - Europeanism, Conformity, Youth
J. Petrucijová - Human Identity and Educational Challenges
E. Atasoy - Eightth Grade Students' Associations of Geographical and Environmental Concepts
H. Lukášová - Student's Preconception of Children's Life Quality
M. Krajnčan, B. Bajželj - Analysis of Relationship Elements in Pedagogy
S. Cangur, V. Yilmaz, B. Ediz, I. Kan - How Motivation, Communication-Cooperation and Reward System Affect Faculty Members' Job Satisfaction in a Developing Country
K. Ľuptáková - Several suggestions for the Pedagogical Discourse on value Orientation in Education
M. Walancik - Mission Syndrome in Soldiers Coming Back from Their Military Service in Iraq

H. Akar - Foreign Language Teacher Education: The Polish Case
A. Hošpesová, M. Tichá - Following the Path of the Teacher's Development Joint reflection
J. Šimíčková-Čížková, B. Vašina - Quality of Life among Primary School Teachers and other Professions
B. Pituła, H. Gawonicz - Dimensions of the Teacher - Pupil Relation The role of the Dialogue in Counteracting Social Marginalization of Youth

E. Bochno - A Student Academic Conference Devoted to Bruner's Model of the Relation between Learning and Teaching
L. Ďuricová - Self-concept of University Students and their Motivation
Y. Goktas, Z. Yildirim, S. Yildirim - Investigation of K-12 Teachers' ICT Competences and the Contributing Factors in Acquiring these Competences
Z. Lustigová, F. Lustig, E. Mechlová, M. Malčík - A New E-learning Strategy for Cognition of the Real World in Teaching and Learning Science
P. Odaloš, M. Kubinská - Teachers' Conventional and Unconventional Opinions on the Slovak Language Coursebooks
Š. Kováčik - The Coefficient of Memorization and a Hypothesis on other Coefficients in the Process of Learning

M. Gil - The Image of Children with Intellectual Disabilities: An Analysis Based on Research Conducted in Full-time Care Institutions in PL

K. Markiewicz - Disorder of Executive Function in Autistic Children
T. Borowska - Evaluating the Surrounding World, One's Own Personality and One's Own Future by the Youth and the Emotions Shown by Them

K. Juszczyk - Stepfather and his Stepson. Sociological Case Study of the Stepfamily

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  • 26 sty 10 1:00
Ľubomír Žáčok, Zuzana Žáčková - Internet as a Tool to Educate Managerial Staff at Schools
Eunika Baron-Polańczyk - Factors Differentiating the Information and Communication Technology Competences and Teachers' Activities Concerning the Design and Application of Multimedia Teaching Materials - Research Report
Katarzyna Krasoń - Kinesthetic Interpretations of Poetry (Creative Attitude Among Nine-Year-Olds)
Ayhan Kursat Erbas, Mutlu Ulubay - Implementation of the New Turkish Primary Education n Mathematics Curriculum in the Sixth Grade: A Survey of Teachers' Views
Ghodsy Ahghar - Investigation into the Effect of Consulting Group with a Cognitive and Behavioural Approach on the Reduction of Test Anxiety of Female Students in Secondary School in Tehran City
Harald Nilsen, Hanka Foltová - Assumptions for Better Learning in the Classroom; 1st International School, Czech Republic
Golge Seferoglu - Insights from Turkish Learners of English h on the Nature of Corrective Feedback in Classroom Interaction
Antoniya Krasteva - The Provocation of "Critical Thinking" in the Current Bulgarian Education
Beata Oelszlaeger - Implementation of the Socrates/Erasmus Program in the Case Study of the Cooperation between the University of Silesia (Poland) and Centre de Formation Pédagogique (France)

Beata Dyrda, Irena Przybylska - Dimensions of the Role of the Head Teacher in the Educational System in Poland
Simoneta Babiaková - Research into Career Stories of Teachers of the 1st Level of Primary Schools

Gürbüz Ocak, H. Gülay Dermez - The Fulfilment Level of Social Skills of 4th and 5th Grade Students at Primary School According to Multiple Intelligence Types
Maciej Karwowski - Creative Climate as a Preventive Factor for Youths' Risk Behaviours

Jiří Kusák - Folklore Values Education in the Context of Cultural System and Current Trends of Music Pedagogy

Bożena Matyjas - Cyberculture: dangers for childhood
Alžbeta Brozmanová Gregorová, Zuzana Heinzová - Volunteering and Students' Attitudes toward the Target Groups s of Social Work and Social Pedagogy
Vladimír Salbot, Marta Flešková - Value Orientation of University Students s and Personal Values Related to the Domain of Education
Štefan Chudý - Development and Creation Determinants of Decision-making Competences in the Preparation of Social (Services) Pedagogues at TBU in Zlin

Joanna Bulska - Carrying out the Education for Safety as a Chance to Minimise Risky Behaviour of School-age Children and Youth

Milena Gucma - Review of Upbringing (volume 4)
Maciej Karwowski, Izabela Lebuda, Ewa Wiśniewska - Education for Giftedness and Creativity in International Perspective. Report from: International Conference, the International Centre for Innovation in Education ICIE "Excellence in Education 2008: Future Minds & Creativity"

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  • 26 sty 10 0:57
Jolana Hroncová -The Influence of Transformation Processes on the Family in the Slovak Republic
Teresa Wilk - Social Role of Theatre - from Antiquity to Modern Times
Elżbieta Górnikowska-Zwolak - Feminist Thought as a Perspective for Discussing Social Pedagogy
Ingrid Emmerová - Prevention of Drug Addiction and other Socio-Pathological Phenomena at Schools in the Slovak Republic
Katarzyna Borzucka-Sitkiewicz, Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski - Sense of Personal Attractiveness, Perceiving Social Pressure on Attractive Appearance, Behaviour Leading to its Achievement among University Students

Belo Felix, Marianna Kološtová - Preparation for the Further Education of Music Education Teachers in Active Practice - Analysis of Target Group Needs
Beata Pituła, Hanna Gawonicz - Dimensions of the teacher - pupil relation. The role of the dialogue in counteracting social marginalization of the youth
Beata Dyrda, Irena Przybylska - Teachers` perception of their competences and professional education - empirical study
Hairon Salleh, Charlene Tan - Habermas and Teacher Leadership through Reflection

Tatiana Slezáková - Preparation of a Disabled Child for Entering the School in Conditions of an Ordinary Nursery School
Šárka Portešová - Learning Disabilities and Intellectual Giftedness in Educational Context: Present State of Research and Situation in Czech Schools
Milena Lipnicka - Goals of Children`s Education in Nursery Schools in the Past and at Present
Pavol Odaloš, Jana Kutláková - The Influence of Dialect on Orthography
Anna Łobos, - 20 Polish Christmas Carols for Soprano, Female Choir and Orchestra by Witold Lutosławski as an extremely good example of pedagogical interactions in Polish school of music

Zuzana Palková, Tatiana Beláková, Gabriel Švejda - E-Learning and IT Instruments in the Traditional Forms of Education in the Context of Slovakian Universities

Eugenia Mandal - Fear of Success among Students - Range and Predictors
Maciej Karwowski - Measuring Creativity Using the Test of Creative Imagination (TCI). Part 2. On Validity of the TCI
Irena Pilch - Machiavellians in a School Class
Safia Bashir Gandapur, Rashid Rehman - Gender Differences in the Prevalence of Occupational Stress among Gomal University Teaching Staff

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  • 26 sty 10 0:55
Ewa Jarosz - Disability and Child Abuse: an Introduction to Study Review
Ewa Wysocka - Experiencing Life and Problem-Solving Strategies from the Perspective of Disabled Youth vs Disabled Adults
Maciej Karwowski - Measuring Creativity Using the Test of Creative Imagination (TCI). Part 1. Presentation of a New Instrument to Measure Creative Potential
Iwona Chrzanowska - The Effectiveness of the Middle School Education of Mildly Disabled Students in the Inclusive System

Enikő Albert-Lőrincz, Márton Albert-Lőrincz, Kádár Annamária, Kovács Réka Rózália - Study on Adolescents` Awareness of Life. Comparative Study between the Projection of Hungarian Adolescents` Awareness of Life of Transylvania and Hungary
Anna Brosch - Text-messaging and its Effect on Youth`s Relationships
Eila Jeronen, Marjatta Kaikkonen, Anja Lindth - Investigating Students`, Teachers` and Parents` Conceptions about Environment, Health and Health Education

Carmelo Cannarella, Valeria Piccioni - "Bad News Travels Faster": The Role of Word of Mouth in Innovation Propagation in Rural Areas.
Harald Nilsen - Learning Norwegian for Special Purposes. The perspective of a widened understanding of language
Monika Pilch, Stochmiałek Jerzy - Information and Communication Technologies in the Process of Adult Education - Possible Benefits and Threats
Walentyna Wróblewska - The Need for Reflection on Self-education of Students
Małgorzata Muszyńska - The Metaphors in Primary Education
Krystyna Kamińska - A Six-Year-Old in Polish Education Law

Joanna Bulska - Teacher`s Work Evaluation as an Element of Education Quality

Alicja Żywczok - The Nonethical Aspect of Childhood and Youth. A Theoretical and Praxeological Study of the Atmosphere of Upbringing

Elsa Löfsnes - Challenges in the Norwegian School System and the Road Ahead as Seen from a Didactic Perspective

Eugenia Mandal - Shyness and Gender. Physical, Emotional, Cognitive, Behavioural Consequences and Strategies of Coping with Shyness by Women and Men of Different Gender Identity
Ivan Pavlas - Achievement Motivation in Adolescents
Małgorzata Wójtowicz-Dacka - The Qualitative Determinants of Intellectual Functioning in Adolescents

Milena Gucma - Review of Upbringing. Concepts-Processes-Contexts. Interdisciplinary approach. Gdańskie Wydawnictwo Pedagogiczne, Gdańsk 2007, Vol. 1-3

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  • 26 sty 10 0:53
Peter Jusko - The Importance of Social Pedagogy in Solving Youth Unemployment
Gaudenz B. Assenza, Dora Assenza - Do the media contribute to violence in society? Lessons from international research
Ewa Jarosz - Main Fields of Research on the Problems of Family Violence in a Local Community
Jolanta Maćkowiak - Child Abuse and its Perception by Students, Parents and Teachers (Analysis of Research Results)
Anna Hudecová - Bullying in the School Environment and Possibilities of its Prevention
Soňa Kariková - Specifics of Mobbing in Educational Environments

Joanna Bulska - Teachers` Knowledge, Professional Qualifications and Limitations within the Scope of Children`s and Teenagers` Health Education

Marcin Wlazło - Teaching Reading and Bibliotherapy in Education of Children with Mental Disability - Selected Foreign and Polish Studies

Beata Dyrda, Irena Przybylska - New Dimensions of the Role of the Teacher in a Knowledge-based Society
Jan Lašek, Šárka Wiesenbergová - Prospective Teachers` Attitudes to their Profession

Harald Nilsen, Hennig Bueie - The Fifth Basic Skill - ICT - as a Learning Resource
Pavol Odaloš - Dictations of Romany Pupils IV
Pierre du Plessis, Tom Bisschoff - Diversity and Complexity in the Classroom: Valuing Racial and Cultural Diversity
Mária Kouteková - Mission of The Salesian Centres in Leisure Education of Children and Youth
Alžbeta Brozmanová-Gregorová, Peter Jusko, Anna Hudecová, Lenka Vavrinčíková - Motivation for the Study of Social Work at the Pedagogical Faculty of Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica from the Graduates` Perspective

Julius Sekera - Project of Research in the Re-educational Institutes of the Czech Republic in the Period from 2006 to 2008

Beata Žitniaková-Gurgová - The Influence of Gender on Achievement Motivation of Students
Lucia Pašková - Gender Differences in Achievement Motivation
Vladimír Salbot - The Nature of Creativity and Basic Methodological Approaches to its Study
Marta Valihorová - Values and Value Preferences of Adolescents

Harald Nilsen in a Conversation with the Writer, Pedagogue, and Thinker Inge Eidsvåg. The Student, the Teacher and the School: Challenges in the 21st Century - Harald Nilsen
Professor Ondrej Baláž`s Contribution to Slovak Social Pedagogy - Jolana Hroncová
International Scientific Conference at the Pedagogical Faculty of Matej Bel University - Zlatica Hužová

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  • 26 sty 10 0:50
Grażyna Bartkowiak - Behaviours of Ex-managers, who are Now Unemployed and their Behavioural Patterns
Soňa Kariková, Miroslava Simegová - Bullying in the School Environment. An Aggressor in a School Classroom Seen through His/Her Homeroom Teacher’s Eyes
Maciej Karwowski - "My Most Creative Student Is ..." Validity of Teachers' Nominations of Students' Creativity
Jolana Hroncová - New Suicidal Tendencies Development in the Slovak Republic and Possibilities of Their Prevention
Ingrid Emmerová - Social Pedagogue at Elementary and Secondary Schools in the Slovak Republic - Present Situation and Perspectives
Miriam Mažová - Environment's Impact on The Emergence of Drug Addictions of Children and Youth; Possibilities of Their Prevention
Pavol Bartík - Pupils' Opinions and Experiences with Drug Addiction and Tobacco Addiction

Ewa Syrek - An Opinion Expressed in a Debate on the Dilemmas Posed by the Quality of Polish University and College Training
Anna Łobos - The Four Seasons - the Music and Words that Are Building the Children`s World of Values
Pavel Dostál, Svatopluk Slovák, Václav Tvarůzka - Development of the Combined Study at the Pedagogical Faculty of the University of Ostrava
Errol Sundelowitz, Carol Macdonald, Karel Stanz - "Leadership Cocoons": the Unseen Silk of Leadership

Carol A. Radich, David Bolton - Life Perspectives of Teachers in Poland and the United States

Kasáčová Bronislava, Kosová Beata - European Trends and the Slovak Approach to Teacher Competences and Capabilities

Eugenia Mandal - Emotions of Women and Men - Similarities - Differences - Development
Grażyna Łój - Psychoneuroimmunological Factors Of Physical Impairment of Aging Period

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  • 26 sty 10 0:48
Iwona Wagner - Tolerance as Value in Search for Axiological Perspective in Education
Stefan Chudý - Possibilities for Research into the Development of Pedagogical Skills in Resolving Educational Situations
Alina Szczurek-Boruta - Cultural Identity of Youth and Multicultural Education - Empirical Study
Lidia Marek - "You Don't Have Fun, You Don't Live" or a Story of a Ludic Fascination Among Students
Ineta Luka - Some Aspects of the ESP Curriculum Design for Tertiary Education Institutions
Andrea Dömsödy - Children's Conceptions about Libraries and Learning
Iwona Paszenda - Creativity Training in Academic Education
Michal Kanonowicz - The Choice of Pedagogical and Psychological Study as a Result of the Negative Experiences in the Family
Beata Oelszlaeger - How to Develop Children's Literary Creativity? - a Practical Example

Martin Hronec - The Education - Unemployment Relationship in the Slovak Republic: An Analysis with Special Regard to Economic Education
Jiří Mudrák - Going all the Way: Theories, Models and Determinants of High Achievement Development
Kamila Kasińska - Good and Bad Sides of Social Integration of Disabled People
Joanna Różańska-Kowal - Motivation for Learning and School Anxiety among Adolescents
Maciej Karwowski, Izabela Lebuda - Teachers and Success - Psychological Characteristics and Perceived Success Sources
Erol Sundelowitz, Carol Macdonald, Karel Stanz - Trapped in Perpetual Peripheral Participation: Unseen and Undiscovered Leadership Potential
Pavel Prunner - Psychological Characteristics of Managers Acting in State Administration and in Municipalities

Sabina Koczoń-Zurek - Teachers' Professional Development and Burnout Syndrome

Anna Studenska - Foreign Language Anxiety Inventory
Ieva Rudzinska - Quality System in one ESP (English for Special Purposes) Study Course - Sport English

  • 2,3 MB
  • 26 sty 10 0:27
Stanisław Juszczyk, - "Education in the Knowledge-based Society - Chosen Aspects
Alistair Ross - Teaching and Learning Citizenship Education in a Changing Europe
Harald Nilsen - School for the Future: a Critical View on the Norwegian School Reform, 2006, "Knowledge Promotion"
Gerhard Banse - Education in a Changing Technological Environment
Göran Linde - Quality Concept in Education
Oskars Zids - Quality in Development of Educational Management: Problems
Blanka Kudláčová - The Philosophical Points of Pedagogical Thinking within European Tradition and Culture

Małgorzata E. Górnik-Durose - Education in Possession - how to Achieve Happiness in the Materialistically Oriented World
Wojciech Ożarowski - New Construction of the POA Personality Questionnaire Based on the Rasch Model
Errol Sundelowitz, Carol Macdonald - School Readiness in a Multicultural Context: an Exploration of the Issues Using Cultural Psychology as an Appropriate Methodology
Yuri N. Karandashev - Vygotsky’s Meta-theory of Development: Formal Description

Beata Kosová - Theoretical Starting Points for the Concept of Professions and the Professional Status of Teachers
Vlastimil Švec - Implicit Knowledge - a New Phenomenon in Teacher Education
Alice Dombi Fayne, Juhasz Gyula - Improving Pedagogical Talents in the System of Competence-based Pedagogy Training in the Framework of Motivational Factors
Josef Malach - Preparation of Secondary School Teachers for a New Role in the Field of Entrepreneurial Education
Svatopluk Slovák - Entrepreneurial Initiative Teaching, Education in the Context of Globalization and Specifics of the Moravian-silesian Region

David L. Bolton - Exemplary Uses of Technology in Education
Anna Watoła - Computer in the Culture of a Contemporary Pre-school Child
Agnieszka Siemińska-Łosko - Barriers Limiting the Initiation and the Usage of Information Technology by Teachers in School

Brigita Šimonová, - Reflection on Literary Works at Elementary School
Jana Kašpárková, - Assessment of the School Climate

Doctorate Honoris Causa of the University of Silesia for Professor Wincenty Okoń in the Year of the 30th Anniversary of the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology (1976-2006) - Prepared by Stanisław Juszczyk
LAUDATIO for Prof. Wincenty OKOŃ, Ph.D. Doctor of the University of Silesia, Honoris Causa - Prepared by Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki
Summary of the Conference on Education in the Knowledge-based Society, which was held in Katowice, in October 25-26, 2006 - Stanisław Juszczyk

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  • 26 sty 10 0:25
Social pedagogy:
Magdalena Piorunek, - "The Youth as the Clients of Career Guidance:Selected Studies of Polish Adolescents
Tomáš Hauer - Public Area and Globalization Antinomy
Ingrid Emmerová - The Probation and Mediation Service in the Slovak Republic and the Possibilities to Employ Social Pedagogues

Beata Dyrda, Irena Przybylska - Contemporary Concepts in Teachers Education in the Context of European Commission Standards
Alena Doušková - Teaching Goals and an Analysis of Teaching Projects

Pedagogy and Psychology of Creativity:
Maciej Karwowski - On the Need for Creative Teachers
Grażyna Mendecka - Rewards and Punishments Used by Parents and Development of Creativity
Alicja Gałązka - Process Drama as a Medium of Creative Teaching and Learning in EFL Classroom

Technology of Education:
Václav Tvarůžka - A Systemic Approach for Digital Image Recording in Technical Education

Music Education:
Mária Strenáčiková - Music Literacy and Hearing Education at Preschool Age
Jana Janeková - The Impact of Self-made Musical Instruments on Pupils` Musical Abilities

Intercultural Pedagogy:
Annette S. Gregersen, Britt Due Tiemensma - Intercultural Pedagogy and Story-line as a Method

  • 2,0 MB
  • 26 sty 10 0:24
Social pedagogy:
Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki, Teresa Wilk - "Education for Tomorrow" in the New Polish Order: Images of the Postmonocentric Global Society
Tomáš Hauer - Public Area and Globalization Antinomy

Technology of education:
Bronisław Siemieniecki - Research on Using Internet Workshops in Education
Jana Kapounová, Kateøina Kostolányová, Jiží Pavlíček - Theoretical Concepts, Sources and Technical Background of E-learning
Katerina Kostolányová - Modelling of Logistics of Educational Process in Petri Nets Environment
Carmelo Cannarella, Valeria Piccioni - Training as an Innovation Device: Experiences in Dealing with Limitations of Conventional Technological Transfer
Beata Oelszlaeger - A Few Remarks on Children’s Spontaneous Speech in Class

Jana Svobodová, Ivana Gejgušová, - The Communication Component in the Training of Future Mother-tongue Teachers
Štefan Chudý - Solving Educational Situations by Modelling as a Means of Pedagogical Skills Development

Special pedagogy:
Jana Swierkoszová - Note Dyslexia
Jiží Škoda, Pavel Doulík, Lenka Hajer-Müllerová - Concept of ‘Life’ Phenomenon for Pre-school Children Psychology of Gender
Eugenia Mandal - Personality of Men and Women - Similarities and Differences. Temporal and Cultural Trends

Marek Otisk - On Postmodernism, Writing Libraries and Language Vagabonds
Olga Zelinková - Expert opinion of the article Note Dyslexia. Author: PhDr. Jana Swierkoszová

Alistair Ross - Opinion Concerning "The New Educational Review"

The 1st Symposium of Pedagogy and Psychology PhD Students Wrocław, Poland, 15-18 March 2007 "Human relations and nowadays challenges"
Invitation to attend an International Scientific Conference on Education in a Knowledge-based Society: Ambiguities in Educational, Social and Cultural Reality

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  • 25 sty 10 23:40
Philosophy in education:
Martin Žilínek - Moral Basics of Education in European Cultural-Spiritual Territory
Sándor Karikó - Conformism and Education. How Should Schools Educate?

Sociology of family:
Wojciech Świątkiewicz - The Family in the World of Axiological Turmoil

Social pedagogy:
Iwona Wagner - Alternatives for Unemployed Graduates - Opportunities or Threats
Magdalena Grabowska - Gender Stereotypes of Young Adults and Styles of Sexual Education
Jolana Hroncová - The Roots and Specifics of Juvenile Delinquency among Romany People in Slovakia
Soňa Kariková, Miroslava Šimegová - Bullying, Mobbing and Bossing as the Types of Violence in Schools
Małgorzata Mikut - Life Orientations of the Polish Rural Youth

Alistair Ross, Barbara Read, Marjanca Pergar Kuscer, Marta Fülöp, Cveta Pucko, Mihaly Berkics, Monika Sándor, Merryn Hutchings - Teachers’ Constructions of Citizenship and Enterprise: Using Associative Group Analysis with Teachers in Hungary, Slovenia and England
Carol A. Radich - Cultivating Reflective Practitioners through the Study of Human Development: a Transformative Graduate Program in Elementary Education at West Chester University
Janusz Stanek - Values Preferred by Teachers and Students for Teacher Training Faculties
Michaela Píšová - Teacher Professional Development
Lesław Kulmatycki, Katarzyna Bukowska, Mirosława Marks - Four Types of Role of Adapted Physical Education Teachers
Jacek Pyżalski - Coping with Misbehaviour and Discipline - the Teachers’ Perspective

Technology of Education:
Maria Kozielska - Development of Technical Imagination as the Effect of Computer-Aided Process of Learning Physics
Beata Gurgová - Students of Teaching Experiencing Stagefright
Jana Janeková - The Impact of Self-made Musical Instruments on Pupils’ Motivation

Milena Kurelová - A Book Review: Průcha, J.: Pedagogika porównawcza (Comparative Pedagogy)
Victor P. Lane - Opinion concerning “The New Educational Review”

  • 1,7 MB
  • 25 sty 10 23:38
Bogusław Śliwerski - Polish pedagogy in the face of contemporary theories of education and training

Reflections on Education, Pedagogy and Scientific Work:
Wincenty Okoń - Independence in school education and scientific work
Urlich Binder - The subject of philosophy, the subject of pedagogy, the pedagogues’ subject

Joanna M. Michalak - Inquires into responsibilities of teacher
Soňa Kariková - Teacher profession age particularities
Beata Dyrda, Irena Przybylska - Creative and emotional competence of contemporary teachers
Krystyna Koziołek - Beyond the model of a teacher

Sociology and Education:
Gökdere M., Cepni S. - Profiles of gifted students in Turkey
Ladislav Macháček - Youth sociology and educational sciences in Slovak Republic: Short reflection of symbiosis
Marta Flešková - Social climate in the school classes for gifted children compared with regular school classes
Anna Žilová - Poverty and social exclusion of Romany people in Slovakia

Josef Malach - Use of experimental learning in distance learning and e-learning of adults
Jan Mašek - The role of audio-visual media in education

Wincenty Okoń - Some remarks concerning The New Educational Review
Lašlo - J. Hroncová et al. - Social pathology and its prevention (Sociálna patológia a jej prevencia), edited by Banská Bystrica: Pedagogická fakulta Univerzity Mateja Bela, 2004

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Social Pedagogy:
Jiří Mareš, Stanislav Ježek, F. Tomášek - CASS-CZ: The Czech version of the social support questionnaire for children and adolescents
Jolana Hroncová - A history and present situation of social pedagogy
Peter Jusko - The risk of the present youth subcultures in the view of social pedagogy and social work
Zuzana Heinzova - Scrutinizing pupil’s social status by means of a sociometric questionnaire
Alena Seberová - Evaluation as the tool to initiate changes and development of the school
Karla Hrbáčková, Vlastimil Švec - The impact of metacognitive strategies on reading comprehension in an early literacy workshop
Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski - Social support for physical activity received by youth at the age 14-18 from their parents, peers and PE teachers

Social Psychology:
Maria John-Borys - Sense of coherence in adolescents in the context of parents’ attitudes and support

Teacher`s Training:
Erich Petlák, Silvia Pokrivčáková - On the need of innovation in teacher training
Helena Šimíčková - Teachers’ attitudes to education transformation in Czech schools
Alena Doušková - Curriculum planning as teacher’s steering activity by micro-level managements
Taťána Gőbelová - Reflection of values in the pre-service elementary school teacher education

Chosen Aspects of Education:
Milan Pol, Lenka Hloušková, Petr Novotný, Eva Václavíková, Jiří Zounek - School culture as an object of research
Vladimíra Spilková - The concept of quality in education, quality of school in the context of decentralised school system
Pavel Dostál, Svatopluk Slovák - Combination study of teaching special subjects
Miroslav Krystoň - Motivation in the adult education
Karol László - Educational elements and motivation
Jiři Nĕmec - Educational significance of a game in the post-modern society
Hana Cisovská, Jan Karaffa - Drama education in pre-service education for primary school teachers

E-Learning and Lifelong Learning:
Christian Glahn, Gerhard Gassler, Theo Hug - Embedded lifelong learning: Demands on the integration of learning into the daily routine
Dana Dobrovská - Experience of technical students with e-educational media

Eliška Walterová - Education and social justice: 12th Congress of the World Council of Comparative Education Societies

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  • 25 sty 10 22:47
University teacher training and related problems:
Ľudovit Višňiovský - 50 Years of university teacher training in Banská Bystrica and the Pedagogic Faculty in Banská Bystrica
Ľudovit Višňiovský, Jolana Hroncová, Dagmar Kováčiková - The past and present day of the Department of Pedagogy and Social Work of the PF MBU in Banská Bystrica
Beata Kosová - The perspectives of university teacher training - bases, paradigms, and societal challenges
Vlastimir Švec - Experience of student teachers as a source of their pedagogical knowledge
Dorota Ekiert-Oldroyd - Future perspective on school leadership and globalisation
Janusz Stanek - Teachers’ and student teachers’ opinions of the reforms in the education system
Dagmar Michálková - Theoretical basics of music perception

Information technology in education:
Victor P. Lane, James Snaith - Distance learning, e-learning, and blended learning - principles, problems and potential
Jana Kapounová, Dana Kričfaluši, Erika Mechlová - Information and communication technology at the University of Ostrava.

Social pedagogy:
Martin Žilinek - Ethic evolution and moral creativization of a man
Ewa Syrek - Health within the area of interest of social pedagogy
Iwona Wagner - On the way to information society - between development and exclusion
Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski - Goal orientations and attitudes toward moral norms in sport
Beata Dyrda, Irena Przybylska - Polish women as managers - factors of professional success. Theoretical and diagnostic study

Pedagogical therapy:
Jacek Błeszyński - Application of the developing movement method in the therapy of a child with serious developmental deficiencies
Vlasta Belková - Family participation in the dyslexia remedy of the 1st stage elementary school pupils

“A child in the world of knowledge, information and communication” - International Conference held at the faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology of the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland, 17-18 November, 2004.

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  • 25 sty 10 22:45
Ondrej Baláž - International cooperation - the priority of ongoing social pedagogy development

Psychological problems of health and illness:
Janusz Trempała - Deregulation of life course and adolescents’ life goals
Grażyna Łój - Personality and health problems of elder people

Social pedagogy:
Peter Ondrejkovič - Tasks of educational sciences in the process of integration
Dagmara Kováčikova - Theoretical and methodological aspects of the history of social work
Ingrid Emmerová - Social pedagogy and selected aspects of the primary prevention of drug addictions under the Slovak Republic elementary school conditions
Anna Zawada - Concern for worthy old age
Stanisław Juszczyk - Media influence on children and adolescents

Chosen aspects of education: teacher, pupil and school:
Renata Halásková, Martina Halásková - Educational systems and programs in EU countries
Milena Kurelová - Professiographic sources of changes in professionalizing the teacher-training
Alena Doušková - Management activities and strategic planning in educational processes
Piotr Mosiek - School as a place of optimizing human opportunities - socio-pedagogical project
Mária Kouteková - The educator’s personality in the evaluation context of their pedagogical authority
Radimila Burkovičová - Practical and professional training of kindergarten teachers at the break of Millennium
Marzena Zaorska, Katarzyna Ćwirynkało - The role of play in the development stimulation of deaf-blind children of kindergarten age

Andrzej Radziewicz-Winnicki - Professor Tadeusz Lewowicki - doctor honoris causa of the University of Opole
Teresa Borowska - Professor Zbigniew Kwieciński - doctor honoris causa of the University of Opole
Preface of the book "Information Technology in Polish Schools. Status Quo and the Aims", by Professor Bronisław Siemieniecki, Publisher Adam Marszałek 2003.
Information on the XIIth Conference "Profession of a Teacher and Contemporary Society".

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  • 25 sty 10 22:42
Pedagogical theraphy:
Peter Seidler and Viera Kurincová - Diagnostic and intervention competences of a teacher regarding to work with students with CAN syndrome
Jacek Błeszyński - Improve communication of an autistic child - research into improvement of therapy

Critical reflection about education and teaching:
Martin Golema - The place of anthropology in the philosophy of education
Erich Peták - On the necessity to change the educational system
Anna Klimentová - Quality in school
Vladimir Salbot, Gabrirela Sabotová - The relation of the cognitive style adaptation - innovation, creativity levels, intelligence as well as personality variables
Krzysztof Sas-Nowosielski - Possibilities of education throught sport - critical reflection
Bronislava Kosáčová - Reflection in the undergraduate teacher training
Bronisław Siemieniecki - Integrated information-medial education in the contemporary school
Janusz Stanek - Silesian teachers in the face of European integration
Belo Felix - Creative drama in both school and after-school musical education
Václav Vrbik - Communicative approach to teaching programming

Kosová Beata - 50 years of university level teacher training in Banská Bistrica

Information on Educational Systems In Asia and Europe:
a Comparative Approach: Curriculum Development and Teacher Education - Second International Workshop: Shenyang, 22-25 May 2004

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  • 25 sty 10 22:37
General pedagogy:
Z. Melosik - University and the changes of contemporary culture

Social pedagogy:
E. Bielska, A. Radziewicz-Winnicki - Modernisation in local communities: social and educational struggles (the perspective from Poland)
A. Hudecová - Attitudes and opinions of general public to foster parenting
J. Hroncová - The relation of social pedagogy and social work
A. Stankowski - Threats to the process of children’s and teenagers’ adaptation to society (sociological, psychological and educational contexts)

S. Kariková - Motivation and fluctuation in teacher’s profession
H. Lukášová-Kantorková - Teacher’s profession in the pedagogical research

The selected problems of the educational systems:
B. Kosová - The concept of schoolchild-centered school
M. Krystoň - The structure of leisure activities of the elementary school pupils in the middle Slovakian region
J. Sekera - Research into interpersonal relations in young offenders institutes

Postmodernism in pedagogy:
L. Ries - To the pluralism of educational ways

Educational technology:
S. Juszczyk - The chosen pedagogical, sociological and psychological aspects of the distance education
B. Siemieniecki - Information technology and medial education in the contemporary school
M. Furmanek - Multimedia and network as grounds for social communication
W. Osmañska-Furmanek - Integrated character of information technology and educational space

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