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widziany: 22.09.2015 16:58

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  • 24 cze 11 9:48
Donate, if you want to:)

Making shops was never as easy as with this plugin!
You can earn money without being on-line!

What do you need:
- Bukkit economy plugin
- (Optional) Permission plugin
- (Optional) OddItem
- (Optional) LWC/Lockette

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  • 24 cze 11 9:44
item [-d] [amount]
give [-d] [amount]
more [-a] [-i]
online [filter]
intro (play intro music)
midi (play a MIDI file for yourself)
setspawn [destination]
time [world]

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  • 24 cze 11 9:42
What is LWC
LWC is a fairly simple (yet advanced) inventory protection mod. It started out as a chest protection mod, but has now expanded to all inventories, which includes furnaces and dispensers.

You can use either SQLite or MySQL. By default LWC will use SQLite, which will automatically resolve any and all dependencies needed, requiring absolutely no setup by you. If you switch to MySQL, it is seamless and automatic (after you put in your database information and change core.adapter to mysql!)

What can be protected?

Anything else! Protections can be customized to anything you wish.


Plug 'n play! LWC handles all dependency resolution -- you just put LWC.jar in your plugins directory
Has reached a level where its routinely safe and stable.
Protections can be: Public, Password, and Private (by User and/or Groups)
If the block has a persistent inventory (ex. chest), LWC can protect it! (Unless the server owner disabled the protection of a specific block!)
Limits of how many protections a user or group can lock
Small memory footprint. No flat files.
For chests, only 1 side of the chest needs to be protected. The plugin saves space by dynamically linking connected chests as protected
Much, much more. This post would be extremely long if I were to post every feature LWC has to offer.
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  • 24 cze 11 9:41
Doors *not yet ported*
Light switches
Readable bookshelves
Toggle areas (advanced toggle doors and bridges) *not yet ported*
Hidden switches *not yet ported*
Custom block drops *not yet ported*
Apple tree drops *not yet ported*
Bookshelf drops *not yet ported*
Integrated circuits *not all ported*
Programmable logic chips *not yet ported*
Redstone pumpkins
Redstone netherstone
Minecart features
Booster blocks
Brake blocks
Reverse blocks
Ejector blocks
Chest-storage minecart transfer blocks *not yet ported*
Station blocks
Sort blocks *not yet ported*
Message announcer block *not yet ported*
Minecart dispensers *not yet ported*
Change minecart behavior
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  • 15 cze 11 0:43
MineQuest started out as a plugin to add some RPG-like progression to Minecraft. It had 8 (By default, now completely customizable) character classes (4 Combat, 4 Resource - also by default) and you gained experience by doing tasks related to the class (e.g. Warriors fight with a Sword, or WarMages cast WarMage Spells). All combat classes gained health when they went up in levels, and all classes gained related abilities at certain levels.

An example of a custom class configuration is now available:

Now MineQuest has grown to be a much bigger project than gaining abilities and extra health. It includes mobs that get harder over time based on a level adjustment (determined by active players in the server). It has built in economy(iConomy Supported)/town systems that are available if people so desire. Most likely the coolest thing so far is the quest system.

Good Places to start in game are /minequest, /cubonomy (economy), and /quest (questing specific). Also poking around the help pages (Linked as more information below) gives some details about more advanced commands as well.

MineQuest is equipped with a system that is being developed so that minecraft can have real instanced dungeons where a select party can teleport into a world that has traps, harder monsters, and special loot. When complete players are brought back to their original locations.

These quests are completely customizable as they only load from a text file. MineQuest will search the bukkit directory for the appropriate .quest file when the quest is started. This means that anyone running a server could write a quest. Not just plugin developers!

The spell system is nothing special, and I'm sure that others exist out there, but what really makes MineQuest unique is the complete package, dungeons and everything.

MySQL or SQLite

Other plugins that modify damage/health

This is a video of the first real dungeon created, the first time through

MineQuest 0.40 Trailer -

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  • 15 cze 11 0:41
AntiCreeper - Nerf those creepers: Version: v0.1 [818]
Tired of rebuild every building in your server, because those green things ruin them all the time? And also you hate the mods, which make the creepers just walks around, without doing anything with the players? Then this plugin is for You!
Sorry if a plugin like this is exists, at least I couldn't find anything which does the same.
And this is my first released plugin. Thank You for your patience. :)
  • 13 KB
  • 15 cze 11 0:39
Most of Blink's functionality is accessed through commands. Use either /blink or /b as the command to access Blink.

/blink - Blink to the location you're pointing to using the set default.
/blink [mode] - Blink using the mode specified.
/blink set [mode] - Set the default mode you use to blink.
/blink useitem - Toggle the ability to use the item to blink.
/blink usesetsmode- Toggle the behavior where using a "blink using mode" command enables the specified mode used by /blink and the blink item.
/blink back - Blink back to the location last blinked from.
/b - short for /blink
/bl - short for /blink local
/bc - short for /blink column
/bt - short for /blink thru
/bb - short for /blink back

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  • 15 cze 11 0:37
USE: /gt, /gtree, or /gianttree
Help: /gt or /gt help
Reload Settings: /gt reload
Spawn Tree: /gt
(The location where you are standing is where the center of the tree will be)
  • 6 KB
  • 15 cze 11 0:37
/setdeathspawn - Change the death spawn position
/deathspawn - Teleports you to death spawn

deathspawn.setspawn - Access to /setdeathspawn
deathspawn.spawn - Access to /deathspawn
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