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obrazek This book has been designed for intermediate and advanced learners of English who want to increase their understanding of everyday spoken English, especially as it is used in a business context. The book will help you learn 1,000 common idiomatic expressions, all of which are current, and all of which are known and used by native English speakers everywhere. It is suitable for both self-study and classroom work with a teacher.
obrazek Business Roles is a photocopiable resource book containing 12 simulations for Business English students. The main aim of the material is to get learners talking in genuinely communicative contexts. In each of the 12 simulations students participate in a meeting to discuss and resolve a realistic company issue or problem. Key features: · students adopt prescribed roles in the simulation. · all simulations are concise. They can be carried out with a minimum of preparation. · all the simulations are based on authentic company cases. · In addition to the photocopiable pages for students which include preparatory tasks, a briefing on the situation, roles and follow-up questions, there are through and user-friendly teacher's notes at the beginning of each section. Editorial Reviews 'There is so much stimulating material in this book, representing such a significant time saving for the trainer that I am sure it will prove very popular ... Business Roles is stimulating both for the participant AND the trainer. Do try it!' BESIG, 1997 'I would recommend this book. I don't recommend many! It is a flexible tool which I can tailor to specific client needs. I can see myself using three or four of the simulations as they stand, whilst two or three others could be modified to suit my teaching syle. Overall, that's a clear pass!' Authentically English, 1997 Business Roles offers a practical and easy-to-use alternative to enliven classroom discussions and involve students more by engaging them in interesting and realistic situations. There is excellent value for money here and busy teachers will find this resource a valuable addition to their existing stock of materials. Modern English Teacher.
obrazek Podręcznik akademicki umożliwiający utrwalenie i sprawdzenie opanowania podstawowej terminologii biznesu. Może też być pomocny dla osób przygotowujących się do egzaminów LCCI.
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