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"Fury in the Tropics" is Jess Franco's ninth women-in-
prison film proper, although many of his other 150+ films
have women-in-prison-type themes and situations. Lina
Romay stars as the proverbial prostitute with a heart of
gold who lives and works in a bamboo-built brothel,
regularly servicing the freedom fighters who stroll
through. She falls in love with one of her customers, and
she and one of her sister call girls are sent to a women's
prison, where they are promptly stripped and whipped in
the prison yard in front of the other prisoners -- the two
are whipped with a riding crop more than fifty times!
Shortly thereafter the women are stripped and hung by their
wrists and then have their breasts and private areas poked
by a sword. The women plot their escape, but cannot be
saved from an incredibly brutal gang rape, even vicious by
Franco's standards and even more protracted than the similar
scene in Franco's WIP film "Ilsa, the Wicked Warden." Yes,
Jess certainly knows how to please his audience.

This film was shot in the early 1980's during a very low
budget period in Franco's career, and as a result we really
do not see one convincing prison set in this entire film,
some of which looks as though it could have been shot in the
back lot of a store or a mall. Nevertheless, no one who is
going to watch this film is looking for the scenery. The
cheap, sadistic WIP thrills are here in abundance, and unlike
"Sadomania" or even the four-way female sex scene in "Women
in Cell Block 9", there is absolutely no humor in "Fury in
the Tropics", just torture, rape, a fat dictator general, a
vicious lesbian wardress, and heavy drama. The acting is also
quite good. Fans of Franco's other WIP films should not miss,
though be aware that the alternate version of the film,
entitled "Outlaw Women", is missing most of the prison S&M but
has an extended escape ending not in the main version. A
hardcore version, "Orgasmo Perverso", supposedly exists, but
I don't believe it has ever turned up on video."

z chomika Gonzob

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  • 4 maj 17 7:28
Feminizm w wydaniu obsceniczno-pornograficznym, czyli sztandarowe dzieło Catherine Breillat. Marie (Caroline Ducey), próbuje wykrzesać bezskutecznie cokolwiek u swojego męża. Kocha go, ale czuje się niezaspokojona z jego strony. Powoduje to, że zaczyna wymykać się z domu w poszukiwaniu wrażeń seksualnych. Obserwujemy więc jak poddaje się praktykom masochistycznym, oddaje przygodnym mężczyznom [wśród nich znalazł się Paolo grany przez gwiazdora porno - Rocco Siffrediego], a ostatecznie odchodzi od męża i poświęca się macierzyństwu...

z chomika praszczaj

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Francja, Kanada 2001

Jacques Laurent made pornographic films in the 1970's and '80's, but had put that aside for 20 years. His artistic ideas, born of the '60's counter-culture, had elevated the entire genre. Older and paunchier, he is now directing a porno again. Jacques's artistry clashes with his financially-troubled producer's ideas about shooting hard-core sex. Jacques has been estranged from his son Joseph for years, since the son first learned the nature of the family business. They are now speaking again. Joseph and his friends want to recapture the idealism of 1968 with a protest. Separated from his wife, Jacques strives for personal renewal with plans to build a new house by himself...


z chomika Thyago

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  • 4 maj 17 7:24

z chomika HilaryBurton

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  • 4 maj 17 7:23

Grupka znajomych wybiera się na wypoczynek na prowincję. Ich spokój burzy zasłyszana legenda o miejscowej klątwie związanej z dziewiętnastowiecznym fanatykiem religijnym. Przywrócony pomiędzy żywych, zaczyna on zbierać krwawe żniwo.

z chomika jeff.fa.fa

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  • 4 maj 17 7:20


 The most important things in life for Frankie (Kirsten Price) aren't fame and fortune—or anything money can buy. They're her relationships: four coupled friends from college and her husband, Mark. But somewhere along the way, Mark became distant, which led to Frankie being lonely. . . and ultimately led to Frankie having an affair with her best friend's husband. During a dinner party at her house, the truth is unexpectedly revealed—not only for Frankie and Mark, but also for swingers Mandy & Jeff and on-the-rocks Tiffany & Russell. Will there be second chances? Or, will the damage be irreparable?


z chomika Diav0li

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  • 4 maj 17 7:18
imagebam.comimagebam.comWith its focus on audiovisual composition, THE ANGELS' MELANCHOLIA essentially is an emotional experience. Not enough, the complexly developed story also stretches out to themes of friendship, passion, revenge and death wish. This assumes intense preoccupation with all the multiple layers of the movie. In aesthetic, tender images the stunned audience witnesses events that blurred the frontiers between reality and fiction probably already during the shooting. Just apparently in contradiction the events are accompanied by citations of German contemporary history, which gives Marian Dora's work a powerful intellectual historical basis. The movie's structure is similar to the baroque cathedral which gets a central role in the movie: The story and (only on the first sight) marginal details get mirrored like a symmetry axis and seem to be the counterpart of the leading characters destiny.

z chomika Gonzob

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  • 4 maj 17 7:17
Po odejściu z zespołu rockowego gitarzysty Jimmy Taranto jego miejsce w składzie zajmuje jego ex dziewczyna Candy. Wraz z basistą, perkusistą i menager zespołu wyruszają w trasę. Sex, drugs and rock`n`roll. Wszystkiego tu jest w baaaardzo dużej ilości.
Film nie został zakwalifikowany na festiwal Sundance. Powód: "to sexy"...

z chomika Gonzob

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  • 4 maj 17 7:16

z chomika Soldat1984

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z chomika jakeszel

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  • 4 maj 17 7:11
imagebam.comimagebam.comTrzy pokolenia francuskiej rodziny otwarcie opowiadają o swoich doświadczeniach seksualnych i pragnieniach po tym, jak młody Romain został przyłapany na masturbacji na lekcji biologii.

z chomika Gonzob

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  • 3 maj 17 13:46

z chomika jakeszel

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z chomika mysterious43

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A team of geologists attempt to remove a native cannibal population from an island to perform atomic research, but the cannibals' female leader disposes of them one by one by seduction

z chomika Gonzob

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