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Kelly DeVries - Infantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth Century; Discipline, Tactics, and Technology (2000).epub

sashakiev500 / Dokumenty / Historia(2) / Kelly DeVries - Infantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth Century; Discipline, Tactics, and Technology (2000).epub
Download: Kelly DeVries - Infantry Warfare in the Early Fourteenth Century; Discipline, Tactics, and Technology (2000).epub

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Historia2 - Charles E. Grayson Mary French Michael J. OBrien - Traditional Archery from Six Continents 2007.jpg
As a major hunting tool and weapon, the bow changed huma ...
As a major hunting tool and weapon, the bow changed human history around the world, and its diverse forms reflect the cultures that adopted it. Those variations can be seen in the Charles E. Grayson Archery Collection housed at the University of Missouri - Columbia Museum of Anthropology, one of the largest and most comprehensive assemblages of archery-related materials in the world. This handsome book drawn from that collection offers a unique look at archery as it has been practiced through the ages. Drawing on a collection of more than five thousand bows, arrows, and associated paraphernalia, "Traditional Archery from Six Continents" presents color photographs and descriptions of some three hundred items - including quivers, thumb rings, and more - that represent traditional archery practices and customs from around the world. From the Chinese "monkey bow" to the English longbow, the artifacts are organized by region, taking in equipment from Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, and Europe used over the past five hundred years. The book's introduction provides an overview of traditional archery and its nomenclature, and chapter essays situate the items in their historical, cultural, and technological contexts. Plate descriptions note materials, construction methods, dimensions, and temporal and cultural affiliations. The sharp, detailed photographs will enable users to identify the geographic or cultural origins of the pieces by visual comparison. Additional illustrations show how archery equipment has been used in various settings such as hunting, warfare, and sport. These superb representations from a masterful collection constitute a complete introduction to worldwide archery and mark the first wide-ranging survey of European and non-European archery equipment ever available. "Traditional Archery from Six Continents" will be the standard reference work in the study of archery, indispensable for students of material culture or general readers interested in the history of this timeless art. About the Author Charles E. Grayson is a physician who has studied archery as a historian, bowyer, and hunter. Now retired, he lives in Clatskanie, Oregon, and continues to participate in archery competitions. Mary French is Cultural Resources Coordinator at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Michael J. O'Brien is Professor of Anthropology and Dean of the College of Arts and Science at the University of Missouri - Columbia. Daniel S. Glover is Associate Museum Curator at the Museum of Anthropology at the University of Missouri - Columbia.
Historia2 - Men-at-arms 295 -C.J. Peers -  Imperial Chinese Armies 2, 590-1260 AD 2002.jpg
By AD 589, when Yang Chien established himself at the he ...
By AD 589, when Yang Chien established himself at the head of a newly reformed Chinese empire, nearly four centuries had elapsed since the fall of the last great imperial dynasty: the Han. Although Yang's new Sui regime consciously modelled itself on its great predecessor, both China and the world outside had changed. The problem for the Sui and their successors was no longer simply to 'overawe the barbarians', but to deal as equals with other cultures that were just as proud and self-confident as their own. Chris Peers examines the imperial armies of China from 590-1260 AD, covering their history, organisation and tactics.
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For the greater part of the period from the end of the 10th century to the 7th century BC, the Ancient Near East was dominated by the dynamic military power of Assyria. At the zenith of its rule Assyria could lay claim to an empire that stretched from Egypt in the west to the borders of Iran in the east and encompassed for the first time in history, within the realm of a single imperial domain, the whole of the 'Fertile Crescent'. Mark Healy, covers the history of the Assyrians from their ancient beginnings to the eventual fall of the city of Nineveh.
Historia2 - David Jen - Chinese Cash, Identification and Price Guide 2000.jpg
At long last there is a collector's guide that provides ...
At long last there is a collector's guide that provides a comprehensive overview of the complex, but fascinating world of Chinese cash coins. Covering more than 3,000 years of numismatic history, this long-awaited volume lists, illustrates and values in multiple condition grades a variety of monetary forms issued in Imperial China. Author David Jen is one of the leading experts in Chinese currency and is well respected in both the United States and Asia. His new work is by far the most complete volume available on the topic, offering history and production details for thousands of issues. In addition, the book includes many newly discovered varieties not listed in any other reference source.
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Britain was a place of conflict in the Dark Ages, betwee ...
Britain was a place of conflict in the Dark Ages, between the departure of the Romans and the Norman Conquest. Clashes of allegiance, competition for territory and resources, and intense rivalries among the warlords and kings gave rise to frequent outbreaks of fighting. This was the time of legendary military leaders, like Arthur, Alfred and Canute, and of literally hundreds of battles. In this fascinating book, Peter Marren investigates this confused era of warfare, looks for the reality behind the myths, and uses the techniques of modern scholarship to show how battles were fought in that brutal age, where they were fought, and why.
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In 221 bc the First Emperor of Qin unified the lands tha ...
In 221 bc the First Emperor of Qin unified the lands that would become the heart of a Chinese empire. Though forged by conquest, this vast domain depended for its political survival on a fundamental reshaping of Chinese culture. With this informative book, we are present at the creation of an ancient imperial order whose major features would endure for two millennia. The Qin and Han constitute the "classical period" of Chinese history--a role played by the Greeks and Romans in the West. Mark Edward Lewis highlights the key challenges faced by the court officials and scholars who set about governing an empire of such scale and diversity of peoples. He traces the drastic measures taken to transcend, without eliminating, these regional differences: the invention of the emperor as the divine embodiment of the state; the establishment of a common script for communication and a state-sponsored canon for the propagation of Confucian ideals; the flourishing of the great families, whose domination of local society rested on wealth, landholding, and elaborate kinship structures; the demilitarization of the interior; and the impact of non-Chinese warrior-nomads in setting the boundaries of an emerging Chinese identity. The first of a six-volume series on the history of imperial China, The Early Chinese Empires illuminates many formative events in China's long history of imperialism--events whose residual influence can still be discerned today.
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