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Mężczyzna xxxfactor

widziany: 29.01.2013 15:33

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  • 14 kwi 11 15:12
Rachel and her sister Julia are having sex together when Rachel's youngest son comes in the room. Rachel and Julia covered up and fumbled to explain. They tell him that Rachel has not been sexually satisfied and not to tell his father. Phillip is turned on by what he saw and knows he has a chance. He reluctantly agrees not to tell. Rachel can see he is lying. She knows what he wants...
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  • 14 kwi 11 12:09
After Rachel had been discovered on a MILF porn site by her son, she was blackmailed by him into giving him a blowjob. She was upset and felt guilty, she ran into her bedroom. He soon followed her in. She sat up and asked him what he wanted, he told her he wanted to fuck her and cum in his mother. She begged him to please leave her alone. He said no. She had no choice. Rachel took off her clothes and her son pushed her down spreading her legs he mounted her and forced his cock deep inside her tight pussy...

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  • 14 kwi 11 9:39
Sonny has found his birth mother after a long search and set out to meet her for the first time. Rachel gave him up for adoption because she was too young and her family refused to help her. A day did not go by without thinking of her son. She made sure the agency left him her information in case he ever wanted to find her. It was a shock when Rachel answered the door. A handsome young man dressed up in a starched white dress shirt stood before her...
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  • 12 kwi 11 22:05
Julia's son found an old photo album. As he looked through he commented on how beautiful and hot his mother was. He asked her why she had let herself go. Julia explained to him that since his father had left him for a younger woman her self-confidence did not exist. She felt her days were just for taking care of the house and him. Her son told her that his buddy's friend's mom was her age and was hot! Julia became upset and felt awful about her appearance. Her son told her he thought she still had it, this cheered her up a little...
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  • 12 kwi 11 13:53
Rachel and her son Jonathan lived alone and worked together to keep up their home. Jonathan was to be married in a few months. Rachel lost her husband years ago so money was tight for them but they made ends meet. One afternoon Jonathan came home early with terrible news, he was laid off from his job. Without his income they would fall short of the mortgage. Rachel consoled him letting him know she could get a second job. The next week Rachel landed a secretary position, the pay was way under what they needed...
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  • 24 lut 11 15:42
Rachel conceived her son Bryson’s . Bryson promised his mother he would do the right thing and stay with her, after all, this was all his idea. They had a very active sex life. Bryson wanted to impregnate his mother so he took her doggystyle and secretly pulled his condom off. Months later, when Rachel began to show, Bryson became scared. He took off for college but did not return for a visit for almost a year. Rachel had given birth and managed to survive without him...
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  • 24 lut 11 12:31
Brent came home to stay with his mother Stacie. He and his wife were having trouble conceiving. Brent said she was blaming him but he had been examined by a doctor and there was no problem. He arrived when his Aunt Rachel and his cousin Brianna were there for a long visit. Brent told all of them what was going on. They all sympathized with him, telling him it was probably stress and pressure. Brent was a favorite with all of them. His cousin was younger and had a huge crush on him. Rachel knew he needed rest so she told him he would bunk up with Brianna. He retired to the bedroom where she was already in bed. He asked her to face the wall while he changed clothes. She could not believe how shy he was. Once in bed she asked him to tell her more about his wife. Brianna was jealous of her and she wanted him. She saw the sadness in his eyes and just wanted to make him feel like a man again...

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  • 23 lut 11 10:55
Rachel caught her son David and her daughter Jinny having oral sex. Rachel was adamant about fornication and premarital sex. She raised them very strict, not allowing them to date or have friends of the opposite sex. Jinny and David shared a room. The tension was building and they started to have sex with each other. Mother had such a hold on them they had to relieve themselves. Rachel gave them a lecture. They told her they could not help their sexual urges...

z chomika xdesigner

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