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widziany: 2.10.2014 05:51

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Dyskografie zespołów
Slash Myles Kennedy-Katowi ce 13 02 2013
Tobias Sammet wokalista Edguy i Avantasia
Muzyka najnowsza
5 Seconds of Summer-5 Seconds of Summer(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
50 Cent-Animal Ambition(2014) !!
A Perfect Circle- Three Sixty(2013)!!
Accept-Blind Rage(2014)!!
AFI-Burials(20 13)!!
Aga Zaryan-Remembe ring Nina&Abbey(201 3)!!
Airbourne-Blac k Dog Barking(2013)! !
Alex Gaudino-Doctor Love(2013)!!
Alex Hepburn-Togeth er Alone(2013)!!
Alice In Chains-The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here(2013)!!
Alizee-5(2013) !!
Alter Bridge-Fortres s(2013)!!
Amon Amarth-Deceive r of The Gods(2013)!!
Amorphis-Circl e(2013)!!
Anastacia-Resu rrection(Delux e Edition)(2014) !!
Anathema-Dista nt Satellites(201 4)!!
Anathema-Unive rsal(2013)!!
Andrea Bocelli-Passio ne(2013)!!
Andrzej Grabowski-Cudn e jest nudne(2013)!!
Anette Olzon -Shine(2014)!!
Angie Stone-Rich Girl(2013)!!
Ania Rusowicz-Genes is(2013)!!
Anita Lipnicka-Vena Amoris(2013)!!
Anna German-Bal u Posejdona(2013 )!!
Anneke Van Giersbergen-Dr ive(2013)!!
Annihilator-Fe ast(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Anthrax-Anthem s EP(2013)!!
Anti Tank Nun-Fire Follow Me(2013)!!
Apocalyptica-W agner Reloaded(2013) !!
Arch Enemy-War Eternal(2014)! !
Armin van Buuren-Intense (2013)!!
Army Of Lovers-Big Battle Of Egos(2013)!!
Artur Andrus - Piłem w Spale... i co dalej(2013)!!
Artur Rojek-Składam się z ciągłych powtórzeń(2014 )!!
Artyści W Hołdzie Krzysztofow i Klenczonowi-Kl enczon Legenda(2013)! !
Arven-Black Is The Colour(Limited Edition)(2013) !!
Ashanti-Braveh eart(2014)!!
Ashes Of Ashes-Ashes Of Ashes(2013)!!
Asia-Gravitas( Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Asking Alexandria-Fro m Death To Destiny(2013)! !
ATB-Contact(20 14)!!
Atoms for Peace-AMOK(201 3)!!
Audiofeels-Świ ątecznie(2013) !!
Avantasia-The Mystery Of Time(2013)!!!
Avenged Sevenfold -Hail to the King(2013)!!
Avril Lavigne-Avril Lavigne(2013)! !
Axel Rudi Pell-Into The Storm(2014)!!
Axel Rudi Pell-Live On Fire(2013)!!
Axxis-Kingdom of the Night II(2014)!!
B.O.B.-Undergr ound Luxury(2013)!!
Babyshambles-S equel To The Prequel(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Backstreet Boys- In a World Like This(2013)!!
Bad Religion-True North(2013)!!
Basshunter-Cal ling Time(2013)!!
Bastille-Bad Blood(2013)!!
Battle Beast-Battle Beast(2013)!!
Beady Eye-BE(2013)!!
Beck-Morning Phase(2014)!!
Bednarek-Jeste m..Suplement(2 013)!!
Behemoth-The Satanist(Limit ed Edition)(2014) !!
Believe-The Warmest Sun In Winter(2013)!!
Belinda Carlisle-Live From Metropolis Studios(2013)! !
Belle and Sebastian-The Third Eye Centre(2013)!!
Beth Hart & Joe Bonamassa-Sees aw (2013)!!
Beyonce-Beyonc e(2013)!!
Biffy Clyro-Oppositi es(2013)!!
Big Cyc-Wiecznie Żywy(2013)!!
Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones-Foreverl y(2013)!!
Birdy-Fire Within(Limited Edition)(2013) !!
Black Label Society-Cataco mbs of the Black Vatican(2014)! !
Black Label Society-Unblac kened(2013)!!
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Specter At The Feast(2013)!!
Black Sabbath-13(201 3)!!!
Black Sabbath-13(Del uxe Edition)(2013) !!!
Black Sabbath-Live… Gathered In Their Masses(2013)!!
Black Star Riders-All Hell Breaks Loose(2013)!!
Blackfield-IV( 2013)!!
Blackmore's Night-Dancer And The Moon(2013)!!
Blondie-Ghosts Of Download(2014) !!
Bon Jovi-What About Now(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!!
Boy George-This Is What I Do(2014)!!
Bracia-Zmienić zdarzeń bieg(2013)!!
Brathanki-moMt yle (2014)!!
Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal(De luxe Edition)(2013) !!
Britney Spears-Britney Jean(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Bruce Springsteen-Hi gh Hopes(2014)!!
Buckcherry-Con fessions(2013) !!
Bullet For My Valentine-Temp er Temper(2013)!!
Caliban-Ghost Empire(2014)!!
Carcass-Surgic al Steel(2013)!!
Carla Bruni-Little French Songs(2013)!!
Carlos Santana-Corazó n(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Caro Emerald-The Shocking Miss Emerald(2013)! !
Cathedral-The Last Spire(2013)!!
Celine Dion-Loved Me Back To Life(2013)!!
CHAINSAW-War Of Words(2013)!!!
Chemia-The One Inside(2013)!!
Cher-Closer to the Truth(2013)!!
Children of Bodom-Halo of Blood(2013)!!
Chimaira-Crown Of Phantoms(2013) !!
Christopher Lee-Charlemagn e The Omens Of Death(2013)!!
Chrome Division-Infer nal Rock Eternal(2014)! !
Ciara-Ciara(20 13)!!
Clive Nolan-Alchemy( 2013)!!
Cochise-118(20 14)!!
Coheed and Cambria-The Afterman Descension(201 3)!!
Coldplay-Ghost Stories(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Coma-Don't Set Your Dogs On Me(2013)!!
Crematory-Anti serum(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Cult Of Luna-Vertikal( 2013)!!
Cynic-Kindly Bent to Free Us(2014)!!
Czesław Śpiewa-Grać Nie Srać(2013)!!
D Bomb-Lubię kiedy(2013)!!
Daft Punk-Random Access Memories(2013) !!
Dark Tranquillity-C onstruct(2013) !!
Darkane-The Sinister Supremacy(2013 )!!
Daughtry-Bapti zed (Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!!
HUNTER-Impe rium(2013)
David Bowie-The Next Day(2013)!!
Dawid Kwiatkowski-98 93 Akustycznie(20 14)!!
Dawid Kwiatkowski-98 93(2013)!!
Dawid Podsiadło-Comf ort and Happiness(2013 )!!
De Mono-Symfonicz nie(2014)!!
Death Angel-The Dream Calls For Blood(2013)!!
Deep Purple-Now What!(Limited Edition)(2013) !!!
Def Leppard-Viva! Hysteria Live(2013)!!
Deicide-In the Minds of Evil(2013)!!
Delain-The Human Contradiction( Limited Edition)(2014) !!
Demi Lovato-Demi(20 13)!!
Depeche Mode-Delta Machine(2013)! !!
Depeche Mode-Heaven(Si ngle CD s)(2013)!!
Destiny s Child-Love Song(2013)!!
Device-Device( 2013)!!
Devil Driver-Winter Kills(2013)!!
Devil You Know-The Beauty Of Destruction(20 14)!!
Devin Townsend-Casua lties of Cool(2014)!!
Devin Townsend-The Retinal Circus Live(2013)!!
Dido-Girl Who Got Away(2013)!!
DJ Antoine-Sky Is The Limit(2013)!!
DJ Bobo-Circus(20 14)!!
Doda-Fly High Tour Live(2014)!!!
Don Airey-Keyed Up(2014)!!
Doogie White & La Paz-The Dark And The Light(2013)!!
Doro-Powerful Passionate Favorites(2014 )!!
Dorota Osińska-Kamyk zielony(2013)! !
Dr.Misio-Młodz i(2013)!!
Dream Theater-Dream Theater(2013)! !!
Dream Theater-Live at Luna Park(2013)!!
Drowning Pool-Resilienc e(2013)!!
Earth Wind & Fire-Now Then & Forever(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Edenbridge-The Bonding(2013)! !
Edenbridge-The Bonding(Limite d Edition)(2013) !!
Babyshamble s-Sequel To The Prequel(Del uxe Edition)(20 13)!!
Icona Pop-This Is... Icona Pop(2013)!!
EDGUY-Space Police Defenders Of The Crown(Digibook )(2014)!!!
Edyta Bartosiewicz-R enovatio(2013) !!
Ellie Goulding-Halcy on Days(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Elton John-The Diving Board(2013)!!
Eluveitie-Orig ins(2014)!!
Emeli Sande-Live At The Royal Albert Hall(2013)!!
Eminem-The Marshall Mathers LP 2(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!!
Enrique Iglesias-Sex And Love(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
EPICA-Retrospe ct(2013)!!
Epica-The Quantum Enigma(2014)!!
Europe-Live At Sweden Rock 30th Anniversary Show(2013)!!
Everlast-The Life Acoustic(2013) !!
Ewa Farna-(W)inna( 2013)!!
Ewelina Lisowska-Aero- Plan(2013)!!
Exlibris-Humag ination(2013)! !
Fall Out Boy-Save Rock And Roll(2013)!!
Fates Warning-Darkne ss In A Different Light(Limited Edition)(2013) !!
Fish-A Feast Of Consequences(2 013)!!
Fleetwood Mac - Then Play On(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Fleetwood Mac-Extended Play EP(2013)!!
Franz Ferdinand-Righ t Thoughts, Right Words, Right Acition(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Freedom Call-Beyond(Li mited Edition)(2014) !!
Frontside-Spra wa jest osobista(2014) !!
Funeral For a Friend-Conduit (2013)!!
Gaba Kulka-Wersje(2 013)!!
Gamma Ray-Empire Of The Undead(2014)!!
Gamma Ray-Master of Confusion EP(2013)!!
Gentleman-New Day Dawn(2013)!!
George Michael-Sympho nica(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Ghost-Infestis sumam(2013)!!
Giant X-I(2013)!!
Gienek Loska Band-Dom(2013) !!
Godsmack-1000h p(2014)!!
Gotthard-Bang! (2014)!!
Gotye-Like Drawing Blood(2013)!!
Grand Magus-Triumph and Power(2014)!!
Gregorian-Mast er Of Chant Chapter 9(2013)!!
Guano Apes-Offline(2 014)!!
Gus G.-I Am The Fire(2014)!!
Halina Mlynkova-Po drugiej stronie lustra(2013)!!
Hanson-Anthem( 2013)!!
Hardcore Superstar-C'mo n Take On Me(2013)!!
Hatebreed-The Divinity Of Purpose(2013)! !
Hate-Solarfles h(2013)!!
Hatesphere-Mur derlust(2013)! !
Heaven Shall Burn-Veto(2013 )!!
Helloween - Straight out of Hell(2013)!!
HIM-Tears On Tape(Limited Edition)!!!
HIM-Tears On Tape(Limited Edition)(2013) !!!
Hirax-Immortal Legacy(2014)!!
Honey-Million( 2013)!!
Hugh Laurie-Didn't It Rain(2013)!!
HUNTER-Imperiu m(2013)!!
Hurt-Hurt(2013 )!!
HURTS-Exile(20 13)!!
Hypocrisy-End Of Disclosure(201 3)!!
Iced Earth-Live In Ancient Kourion(2013)! !
Iced Earth-Plagues Of Babylon(2014)! !
Icona Pop-This Is... Icona Pop(2013)!!
Iggy And The Stooges-Ready To Die(2013)!!
Il Divo-A Musical Affair(2013)!!
Illusion-Opowi eści(2014)!!
Imagine Dragons-Night Visions(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Immolation - Kingdom of Conspiracy(201 3)!!
In Vain-Ænigma(20 13)!!
INDICA-Shine(2 014)!!
Indios Bravos-Jatata( 2013)!!
Inna-Party Never Ends(2013)!!
Iron Maiden-Maiden England 88(2013)!!
Jack White-Lazarett o(2014)!!
Jamal-Miłość(2 013)!!
James Arthur-James Arthur(2013)!!
James Blunt-Moon Landing(2013)! !
James LaBrie-Imperma nent Resonance(2013 )!!
Jason Derulo-Tattoos (2013)!!
Jay-Z -Magna Carta Holy Grail(2013)!!
Jennifer Lopez -A.K.A.(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Jessie J-Alive(2013)! !
Jimi Hendrix-People , Hell and Angels(2013)!!
Joan Jett & The Blackhearts-Un varnished(Delu xe Edition)(2013) !!
Joe Satriani-Unsto ppable Momentum(2013) !!
JORN-Symphonic (2013)!!
Jorn-Traveller (2013)!!
Judas Priest-Epitaph (2013)!!
Judas Priest-Redeeme r Of Souls(2014)!!!
Jula-180 stopni(2014)!!
Justin Bieber-Believe Acoustic(2013) !!
Justin Timberlake-The 20 20 Experience(201 3)!!
Justin Timberlake-The 2020 Experience 2 of 2(2013)!!
Kanye West-Yeezus(20 13)!!
Kataklysm-Wait ing For The End To Come(2013)!!
Katatonia-Deth roned And Uncrowned(2013 )!!
Katie Melua-Ketevan( 2013)!!
Katy B-Little Red(2014)!!
Katy Perry-Prism(De luxe Edition)(2013) !!!
Kayah-Transori ental Orchestra(2013 )!!
Kelly Clarkson-Wrapp ed in Red(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Kelly Rowland-Talk A Good Game(2013)!!
Kid Cudi-Indicud(2 013)!!
Kid Cudi-Satellite Flight The Journey To Mother Moon(2014)!!
Kingdom Come-Outlier(2 013)!!
Kings Of Leon-Mechanica l Bull(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
KMFDM-Kunst(20 13)!!
Kombii-Wszystk o jest jak pierwszy raz(2014)!!
KORN-The Paradigm Shift(Limited Edition)(2013) !!
Kreator-Dying Alive(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Kreuzberg-Papi erowy król(2013)!!
Krzysztof Kiljański-Powr ót(2013)!!
Krzysztof Krawczyk-Pół wieku człowieku(Delu xe Edition)(2014) !!
Krzysztof Respondek-Taki Swiat Kupuje(2013)!!
Krzysztof Zalewski-Zelig (2013)!!
Kult-Prosto(20 13)!!
Kvelertak-Meir (2013)!!
Kylie Minogue-Kiss Me Once(2014)!!
Lacuna Coil-Broken Crown Halo(2014)!!
Lady Gaga-ARTPOP(De luxe Edition)(2013) !!!
Lady GaGa-AURA EP(2013)!!
Laibach-Spectr e(Limited Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Lana Del Rey-Ultraviole nce(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Lea Michele-Louder (2014)!!
LeAnn Rimes-Spitfire (2013)!!
Leaves' Eyes-Symphonie s of the Night(2013)!!
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin II(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Led Zeppelin-Led Zeppelin(Delux e Edition)(2014) !!
Lily Allen-Sheezus( Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Linkin Park-Recharged (2013)!!
Linkin Park-The Hunting Party(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
Lisa Stansfield-Sev en(Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!
LL Cool J - Authentic(2013 )!!
Lorde-Pure Heroine(2013)! !
Lordi-To Beast or Not To Beast(2013)!!
Lost Society-Fast Loud Death(2013)!!
Lost Society-Terror Hungry(Limited Edition)(2014) !!
Luxtorpeda-A Morał Tej Historii Mógłby Być Taki Mimo Że Cukrowe To Jednak Buraki(2014)!!
Luxtorpeda-A morał tej historii mógłby być taki,mimo,że cukrowe to jednak buraki(2014)!! !
Łzy-Zbieg okoliczności(2 014)!!
Macklemore&Rya n Lewis-The Heist(2013)!!
Magda Femme-Retro Love(2014)!!
Magnum-Escape From The Shadow Garden(2014)!!
Marek Jackowski-Mare k Jackowski(2013 )!!
Margaret-All I Need EP(2013)!!
Maria Peszek-Jezus Is Alive(2014)!!
Maria Sadowska-Jazz Na Ulicach(2014)! !
Mariah Carey-Me. I Am Mariah(2014)!!
Masterplan-Nov um Initium(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Mastodon-Once More 'Round The Sun(2014)!!
Matt Dusk -My Funny Valentine. The Chet Baker Songbook(2013) !!
Mayan-Antagoni se(Limited Edition)(2014) !!
Mayhem-Esoteri c Warfare(2014)! !
Megadeth-Count down To Extinction Live(2013)!!
Megadeth-Super Collider(2013) !!
Metallica-Soun dtrack Through The Never(2013)!!!
Mezo-Krajobraz po bitwie(2014)!!
Michael Jackson-Xscape (Deluxe Edition)(2014) !!!
Michael Mind Project-State Of Mind(2013)!!
Michał Bajor-Moje Podróże(2013)! !
Michał Wiśniewski-La Revolucion(201 3)!!!
Mike Oldfield-Man On The Rocks(2014)!!
Mike Oldfield-Tubul ar Beats(2013)!!
Miley Cyrus-Bangerz( 2013)!!
Ministry-From Beer to Eternity(Delux e Edition)(2013) !!
Moby-Innocents (2013)!!
Mogwai-Rave Tapes(2014)!!
Monika Kuszyńska-Ocal ona(2013)!!
Monster Magnet-Last Patrol(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Monstrum-Czas( 2013)!!
Morten Harket-Brother (2014)!!
Motorhead-Afte rshock(2013)!!
Możdżer Leszek, Danielsson Lars, Fresco Zohar-Polska(2 013)!!
Mudhoney-Vanis hing Point(2013)!!
My Bloody Valentine-MBV( 2013)!!
My Chemical Romance -May Death Never Stop You(2014)!!
My Chemical Romance-Conven tional Weapons EP(2013)!!
Myslovitz-1.57 7(2013)!!
Nashville Pussy-Up The Dosage(2014)!!
Natalia Sikora-BWB Experience(Bez ludna Wyspa Bluesa)(2014)! !
Natalia Sikora-Zanim(2 013)!!
Natasza Urbańska-One(2 014)!!
Nazareth-Rock 'n' Roll Telephone(Delu xe Edition)(2014) !!
Nelly-M.O.(201 3)!!
New Kids On The Block-10(2013) !!
Newsted-Heavy Metal Music(2013)!!
Newsted-Metal( 2013)!!
Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds-Push The Sky Away(2013)!!
Nickelback-The Best of Nickelback, Vol.1(2013)!!
Nightwish-Show time, Storytime(2013 )!!
Nina Persson-Animal Heart(2014)!!
Nine Inch Nails-Hesitati on Marks(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
O.S.T.R. & Hades - HAOS(2013)!!
O.S.T.R. & Marco Polo-Kartagina (2014)!!
Oberschlesien- I(2013)!!
One Direction-Midn ight Memories(The Ultimate Edition)(2013) !!
One Republic-Nativ e(2013)!!
Opeth-Pale Communion(2014 )!!
Orchid-The Mouths Of_Madness(201 3)!!
Overkill-White Devil Armory(2014)!!
P.O.D.-Murdere d Love(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Panasewicz-Fot ografie(2014)! !
Panic! At The Disco-Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!(2013)!!
Paradise Lost-Tragic Illusion 25(2013)!!
Paramore-Param ore(2013)!!
Patricia Kazadi-Trip(20 13)!!
Patrycja Markowska-Alte r Ego(2013)!!
Patty-Już zmrok(2013)!!
Paul McCartney-New( Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Paul Rodgers-The Royal Sessions(2014) !!
Pearl Jam-Lightning Bolt(2013)!!
Pectus-Siła braci(2013)!!
Perfect-DaDaDa m(2014)!!
Pet Shop Boys-Electric( 2013)!!
Peter Crowley Fantasy Dream-The Kingdom Of Ordalys(2013)! !
Pharrell Williams-GIRL( 2014)!!
Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals-Walk Through Exits Only(2013)!!
Piekni i Młodzi-Niewiar a(2014)!!
Piersi-Piersi i Przyjaciele 2(2013)!!
Pink Cream 69-Ceremonial( 2013)!!
Pixies-Indie Cindy(2014)!!
Placebo-Loud Like Love(2013)!!
Poparzeni Kawą Trzy-Musculus Cremaster(2013 )!!
Poparzeni Kawą Trzy-Wezmę Cię(2013)!!
Powerwolf-Prea chers of the Night(2013)!!
Pretty Maids-Louder Than Ever(2014)!!
Pretty Maids-Motherla nd(2013)!!
Primal Fear-Deliverin g the Black(2014)!!
Pudzian Band-Tak to czuję(2013)!!
Queens of the Stone Age-…Like Clockwork(2013 )!!
Queensryche-Fr equency Unknown(2013)! !
Queensrÿche-Qu eensrÿche(2013 )!!
Ray Wilson-Chasing Rainbows(2013) !!
Red Lips-To co nam było(2013)!!
ReVamp-Wild Card(Limited Edition)(2013) !!
Rhapsody Of Fire-Dark Wings Of Steel(2013)!!
Rhapsody of Fire-Live - From Chaos to Eternity(2013) !!
Riverside - Shrine of New Generation Slaves(2013)!!
Rob Zombie-Venomou s Rat Regeneration Vendor(2013)!!
Robbie Williams-Swing s Both Ways(2013)!!
Robert M-2013(2013)!!
Robin Thicke-Blurred Lines(2013)!!
Rod Stewart-Time(D eluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Rotting Christ-Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy(2013)!!
Roxette-Travel ing the World Live(2013)!!
Róże Europy-Zmartwy chwstanie(2014 )!!
Running Wild-Resilient (Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Sabaton-Heroes (2014)!!
Sabaton-Swedis h Empire Live(2013)!!
Saliva-In It To Win It(2013)!!
Saliva-Rise Up(2014)!!
Sarah Brightman-Drea mchaser(2013)! !
Satyricon-Saty ricon(2013)!!
SAXON-Sacrific e(2013)!!
Scar The Martyr-Scar The Martyr(2013)!!
Scorpions-MTV Unplugged,Live in Athens(2013)!!
Sean Kingston-Back 2 Life(2013)!!
Sebastian Bach-Abachalyp se Now(2013)!!
Sebastian Bach-Give 'Em Hell(Japan Edition)(2014) !!
Sebastian Riedel&Cree-Wy jdź(2013)!!
Selena Gomez-Stars Dance(2013)!!
Sepultura-The Mediator Between The Head And Hands Must Be(2013)!!
Serenity-War Of Ages(2013)!!
Serj Tankian-Jazz-i z Christ(2013)!!
Sevendust-Blac k Out the Sun(2013)!!
Shakira-Shakir a(2014)!!
Sheryl Crow-Feels Like Home(2013)!!
Sia-1000 Forms of Fear(2014)!!
Sinner-Touch of Sin 2(2013)!!
Sirenia-Perils Of The Deep Blue(Limited Edition)(2013) !!
Six Feet Under-Unborn(2 013)!!
Skid Row-United World Rebellion Chapter One EP(2013)!!
Skrillex-Reces s(2014)!!
Slums Attack-2020 Evergreen(2013 )!!
Snoop Lion-Reincarna ted(2013)!!
Sodom-Epitome Of Torture(2013)! !
Soilwork-The Living Infinite(2013) !!
Sokół i Marysia Starosta-Czarn a Biała Magia(2013)!!
Sonata Arctica-Pariah 's Child(2014)!!
Sophie Ellis-Bextor-W anderlust(2014 )!!
Soulfly-Savage s(2013)!!
Spiritual Beggars - Earth Blues(Limited Digibook)(2013 )!!
Spock's Beard-Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep(2013)!!
Steel Panther-All You Can Eat(2014)!!
Stereophonics- Graffiti On the Train(2013)!!
Sting-The Last Ship(2013)!!
Stone Sour-House Of Gold & Bones Part 2(2013)!!
Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington-Bla ck Heart (EP)(2013)!!
Strachy Na Lachy-!To!(201 3)!!
Stratovarius-N emesis(2013)!!
Suede-Bloodspo rts(2013)!!
Suicidal Tendencies-13( 2013)!!
Sunrise Avenue -Unholy Ground(2013)!!
Suzanne Vega-Tales from the Realm of the Queen of Pentacles(2014 )!!
Sylwia Grzeszczak-Kom ponując siebie(2013)!!
Tarja-Colours In The Dark(2013)!!
Tatiana Okupnik-Blizna (2014)!!
Tede-Eliminati (2013)!!
Testament-Dark Roots Of Thrash(2013)!!
The 69 Eyes-The Best Of Helsinki Vampires(2013) !!
The Cult-Electric Peace(2013)!!
The Dillinger Escape Plan-One Of Us Is The Killer(2013)!!
The Flower Kings-Desolati on Rose(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
The Killers-Direct Hits(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
The Poodles-Tour De Force(2013)!!
The Pretty Reckless-Going to Hell(Limited Edition)(2014) !!
The Strokes-Comedo wn Machine(2013)! !
The Used-Imaginary Enemy(2014)!!
The Vintage Caravan-Voyage (2014)!!
Thirty Seconds To Mars-Love,Lust ,Faith+Dreams( 2013)!!!
Thy Disease-Costum es Of Technocracy(20 14)!!
Tiesto-A Town Called Paradise(Delux e Edition)(2014) !!
Tina Turner-Love Songs(2014)!!
Tom Odell-Long Way Down(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Tomasz Makowiecki-Moi zm(2013)!!
Toni Braxton and Babyface-Love, Marriage and Divorce(2014)! !
Transatlantic- Kaleidoscope(L imited Edition)(2014) !!
Tricky-False Idols(2013)!!
Tristania-Dark est White(2013)!!
Trivium-Vengea nce Falls(Deluxe Edition)(2013) !!
Tuomas Holopainen-The Life And Times Of Scrooge(Limite d Edition)(2014) !!
Turbo-Piąty Żywioł(2013)!! !
Turisas-Turisa s 2013(2013)!!
U.D.O.-Steelha mmer(2013)!!
Ukeje-Ukeje(20 13)!!
Ulver-Live At Roadburn(2013) !!
Unisonic-For The Kingdom EP(2014)!!
UNISONIC-Light Of Dawn(Limited Edition)(2014) !!!
Urszula Dudziak-Wszyst ko gra(2013)!!
Urszula-Eony snu(2013)!!
Urszula-Wielki Odlot 2 (Najlepsze 80-te)(2014)!!
VA- - Metal Hammer 5(2013)!!
VA - Ronnie James Dio-This Is Your Life(2014)!!
Vader-Tibi Et Igni(Limited Edition)(2014) !!
VA-Dżentelmeni 2014(2013)!!
VA-Eurovision Song Contest Copenhagen 2014(2014)!!
Vanden Plas-Chronicle s of the Immortals - Netherworld(Pa th 1)(2014)!!
VA-RMF FM Muzyka Najlepsza Pod Słońcem 2013(2013)!!
VA-RMF FM Najlepsza Muzyka Na Wiosne 2013(2013)!!
VA-Srebrnica Party vol.1(2013)!!
VA-Top Of The Top Sopot Festival(2013) !!
Verba-14 lutego(2013)!!
Verba-Miłość i przyjaźń(2014) !!
Virgin Snatch-We Serve No One(2014)!!
Voivod-Target Earth(2013)!!
Volbeat-Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies(2013)!!
Votum-Harvest Moon(2013)!!
Waglewski, Fisz, Emade-Matka, Syn, Bóg(2013)!!
WAMI-Kill The King(2014)!!
Watain-The Wild Hunt(2013)!!
WdoWa-Listopad (2014)!!
Wednesday 13-The Dixie Dead(2013)!!
Weekend-Święta z Radkiem(2013)! !
White Lies-Big TV(2013)!!
Whitesnake-Mad e In Japan(2013)!!
Will.I.Am-#WIL LPOWER(2013)!!
Within Temptation -The Q-Music Sessions(2013) !!
Within Temptation-Par adise (What About Us)(EP)(2013)! !
Wolfmother-New Crown(2014)!!
WOLFPAKK-Cry Wolf(2013)!!
Yeah Yeah Yeahs-Mosquito (2013)!!
You Me At Six-Cavalier Youth(2014)!!
Zakopower-Kolę dowo(2013)!!
30 Second To Mars
Bon Jovi
Marilyn Manson
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