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imagebam.comNever mind the title, this does not have much affinity with the famous French S&M movie, Histoire D'O. Instead, it is one of Franco's several movies inspired from and loosely based on Sade's Philosophy in the Boudoir. This is quite unlike some of Franco's better known kitsch sleaze flicks. It is a deliberately slow-paced, minimalist piece of erotica. Yes, there are quite a lot of (soft-core) sex, three-some, lesbian, etc., scenes esp. in the first 2/3rds of the movie, and yet despite the presence of these skin scenes, the movie is a very uncommercial and personal effort. The victim's eventual descent into being a prey of the predatory aristocrats from cherishing a chance at free sex experience is very well executed and the final sado-orgy is terrifyingly nightmarish.


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Maria (Lina Romay) is sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her sexually abusive father (Jess Franco). Upon her arrival at the prison, she meets the cold-blooded, sadistic wardress (Monica Swinn) and the spineless and equally sadistic Dr. Costa (Paul Müller). Together the two systematically torture and abuse the inmates, including Maria, who organizes a plan to rebel and escape... Barbed Wire Dolls is one of Jess Franco's more infamous films. Produced by Swiss exploitation mogul Erwin C. Dietrich, the thinly plotted potboiler allows Franco to wallow in sadism, nudity and sleaze to an almost pathological degree, thus creating an atmosphere of Sadean cruelty. The end result may seem like a pointless exercise in exploitation, but Franco's treatment of the material transforms it into a dark meditation on the evil side of human nature. Though not the best of Franco's many forays into the "women in prison" or WIP genre (that would have to be the Harry Alan Towers-produced 99 Women, with a name cast that includes Herbert Lom and Maria Schell) it is perhaps the most direct in delivering up-front titilation and sadistic thrills. The camera lingers lovingly on the beautiful bodies of the various participants, notably Lina Romay and Martine Stedil, but the darker elements prevent the film from being a mere sex fest, it's difficult to imagine viewers becoming overly, um, stimulated by so dark and downbeat a film. Key to the film's success is the expert performance of Paul Müller (Lady Frankenstein, Eugenie de Sade) as the pathetic Dr. Costa, a recurring name — if not identical character — in other Franco films. (Howard Vernon plays a more gleefully sadistic incarnation in Women in Cellblock 9.) Müller portrays Costa as a closet masochist under the control of the sadistic wardress (a wonderful caricature from Monica Swinn, made up to look far less fetching than she really is), who yearns for freedom and is unwilling to admit his own baser instincts. He falls in love with Romay's character, a move that proves fatal for him in a film where love, in any form, is either forbidden or deadly. As noted by producer Dietrich, the film is sloppy on the technical front — so much so that he considered shelving it without giving it any release; he fortunately reconsidered and made a big profit from it, leading to a 14 more collaborations with Jess Franco. What Franco goes for here is a sense of reality that ignores pretty photography and technical finesse — this gives the film something of a home movie feel, which adds to the disturbing quality. Though somewhat at odds with the campy tone of the wardress and some of the action, this stylistic decision gives the film a nervous energy that keeps it moving at a nice pace. It may not be a masterpiece, but it is an expert and surprisingly intelligent slice of exploitation from a man whose erotic cinema is less concerned with carnal stimulation than capturing and evoking a sense of sadness and futility.
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Italian spoken, hardcore import version of aka 'Al Otro Lado del Espejo/Lo Specchio del Piacere' the obscure 1973 film from Jess Franco. When Ana (Emma Cohen) decides to get married, her lesbian sister Marie (Lina Romay) commits suicide by plunging a dagger into her chest. From that moment onward Ana feels the impulse of killing all the men who intend to have a love affair with her while under the spell of her sister's ghost. This is the rarely seen Italian spoken hardcore version of the film and contains an abundance of hard lesbian action. This uncut/hardcore version has never been available in English language. This version of the film is a definite must for any true Jess Franco fan. With Emma Cohen, Lina Romay, Howard Vernon, Alice Arno, Francoise Brion and Philippe Lemaire.
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Lina Romay, best known as Jess Franco's wife and cult actress, directed this one. Franco wrote the story, the music, and did almost everything else. So what can we expect? Well humor has never been absent from Franco's work, so be prepared to laugh. I've seen the spanish version so I didn't get all the jokes, but overall the hardcore sex mixes well with the touching comedy moments Romay has directed. A direct parody of Falcon Crest, this movie is brilliant porn, not so exciting but still very interesting. I've even spotted one of the zombies of VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD during the scene where Sado Sommers is raped. And when you'll find out what's the secret behind Falo Crest's excellent wine, your wine drinking evenings will never feel the same...
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"Fury in the Tropics" is Jess Franco's ninth women-in- prison film proper, although many of his other 150+ films have women-in-prison-type themes and situations. Lina Romay stars as the proverbial prostitute with a heart of gold who lives and works in a bamboo-built brothel, regularly servicing the freedom fighters who stroll through. She falls in love with one of her customers, and she and one of her sister call girls are sent to a women's prison, where they are promptly stripped and whipped in the prison yard in front of the other prisoners -- the two are whipped with a riding crop more than fifty times! Shortly thereafter the women are stripped and hung by their wrists and then have their breasts and private areas poked by a sword. The women plot their escape, but cannot be saved from an incredibly brutal gang rape, even vicious by Franco's standards and even more protracted than the similar scene in Franco's WIP film "Ilsa, the Wicked Warden." Yes, Jess certainly knows how to please his audience. This film was shot in the early 1980's during a very low budget period in Franco's career, and as a result we really do not see one convincing prison set in this entire film, some of which looks as though it could have been shot in the back lot of a store or a mall. Nevertheless, no one who is going to watch this film is looking for the scenery. The cheap, sadistic WIP thrills are here in abundance, and unlike "Sadomania" or even the four-way female sex scene in "Women in Cell Block 9", there is absolutely no humor in "Fury in the Tropics", just torture, rape, a fat dictator general, a vicious lesbian wardress, and heavy drama. The acting is also quite good. Fans of Franco's other WIP films should not miss, though be aware that the alternate version of the film, entitled "Outlaw Women", is missing most of the prison S&M but has an extended escape ending not in the main version. A hardcore version, "Orgasmo Perverso", supposedly exists, but I don't believe it has ever turned up on video."
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