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PDM - #124 - 25.04.2017.mp3

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1 PROCOL HARUM Somewhen Novum
2 BIG BIG TRAIN Experimental Gentleman (Part 2) Grimspound
3 FROZEN PLANET....1969 Shores Of Oblivion Electric Smokehouse
5 KING CRIMSON Fallen Angel Red
6 HEYLEL Fallen Angel Shades Of Time
7 HEYLEL Rollercoaster (feat. Francisca Ribeiro) Shades Of Time
8 HEYLEL On My DeathBed (feat. Kristoffer Gildenlow) Shades Of Time
9 PROCOL HARUM Sunday Morning Novum
10 PROCOL HARUM Businessman Novum
11 PROCOL HARUM The Only One Novum
12 COLOUR HAZE Skydance In Her Garden
15 FROZEN PLANET....1969 Ascendant Electric Smokehouse
16 NOVA COLLECTIVE Cascades The Further Side


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