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1 GENESIS Dancing With The Moonlit Knight 8:05 Selling England By The Pound
2 PRAVDA The Long Goodbye 5:56 The Rising Mediocrity
3 SLEEPIN PILLOW Life On Mars 4:14 The Past Is Already Here
4 TEMPLES Frostwork 5:35 lades
5 BOL & SNAH The Sidewalks 7:47 So? Now?
6 DUNGEN Haxan 6:55 Live at Sol de Sants Studios for the Furious Sessions
7 FREEDOM TO GLIDE Enigma 8:03 Fall
8 GONG The Unspeakable Stands Revealed 11:57 Rejoice! I'm Dead!
9 HOLON Time To Go 10:07 The Time Is Always Now
10 STEVE JANSEN Captured 6:09 Tender Extinction
11 OKTA LOGUE Summer Days 11:50 Diamonds And Despair
12 BLUENECK Hive 8:05 The Outpost
13 WOLF PEOPLE Salts Mill 5:55 Ruins


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