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Mężczyzna Florian

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47504 plików
1947,6 GB

Ukryj opis
Gry PC
!2 Hip hop
SuBuRbAsS presents. CiNeMaTeK 'SOMe TRiBUtEs tO MOViEs'
19 wiosen - Pożegnanie ze światem
25 Ta Life
33 Rotations
33 Rotations - Demo
666 Aniołów
666 Aniołów - Czarcilok
666 Aniołów - Six hits from hell
7 Godzin snu - Odpadki cywilizacji
Abaddon Nie do poznania (dfo77)
Abaddon Walcz o swoją wolność (dfo77)
Abaddon Wet za wet (dfo77)
Acidez - Dont Ask For Permission
Active Minds - Capitalism Is A Disease
ACxDC- The Second Coming 7''
Afterschok - Through the looking glass
Against Empire
Against Empire - Thieves And Leeches
Agitators - Оставаться Собой
Agnostic Front
Agnostic Front - United Blood
Agnostic Front - Somethings gotta give
Agnostic Front-Somethin gs Gotta Give
Agnosy - Past the point of no return
Agrimonia - Agrimonia
Agrimonia - Host of the Winged
Ahna – Empire
All day hell
All day hell - All day hell
All Systems Fail
All Systems Fail - All Systems Fail
All We Have - Rain City
All Wheel Drive - Demo
All wheel drive - Wszyscy koło jechać
Alpinist - Lichtlærm
Alpinist Masakari Split LP
Ameba Reamebizacja
Analena - Arhythmetic s
Analena - Inconstanti nopolis
Analena & Sensual Love
Anarchol - Na ulicach mego miasta
Anchor - Relations Of Violence
Anchor - The Quiet Dance
Anti Holocaust - Anti Holocaust
Anti Holocaust - Anti Holocaust
Anti Hostility& Fear Of Conform - split
Anti Product
Anti Product - Big Business and the Government Are Both the Fucking Same
Anti Product - The deafening silence of grinding gears
Antidotum - Testowane Na Ludziach
Antimelodix - Hellfuck
Antisect - Out From the Void
Anywhere but here - Live Warszawa
April - Kill Depression
April - Prolog
Arsenal for elba
Assück - Necro Salvation
Astrid Lindgren & W Kilku Słowach - Split
Atari teenage riot
Auktion - d-beat rock 'n' roll mayhem
Auktion & Black Panda - Split
Auschwitz Rats - 2012 Demo
Awake - Awake
Awake - Hell
Awake - kingdom of madness
Ayo - Joyful
Bad religion - True north
Ballast - Fuse
Bane - Give blood
Bane - It all comes down to this
Battle of Disarm
Battle of Disarm - In the war
Battle of Disarm - Peace
Battle of Disarm - Sons of war
Beartrap - Sleep eradication
Beginning Of The End
Beginning Of The End - If you're going through hell... ...keep going
Beketov - Demo
Betercore - youthcrustd iscography
Betercore & My own lies - Split - No more imperialist war
Betercore - Youth crust discography
Beton - Demo
Beyond pink
Beyond Pink - Cunt oh licious
Beyond pink - Pride and prejudice
Beyond Pink - The new black
Bezdna - Никто не выйдет отсюда живым
Biała gorączka
Bilety do kontroli
Bilety do kontroli - Pub core
Bilety do kontroli - Upadek trójmiejski ej cywilizcji
Billingsgat e - No Apologies
Billingsgat e - Reach Out
Birds in row - You, Me & The Violence
Bisect - Nastepna Krwawa Interwencja
Bishops Green - Self-Titled EP
Black Panda
Black Panda - Tanque de 98 Octanos
Blade loki - Młodzież olewa
Blind Society
Blind Society - Blind Society
Blitz - All out attack
Blitz - Second empire justice
Blitz - Voice of a generation
Blood for blood
Boikot - Minał Raj na Ziemi
Boikot - Stany odmiennosci
Bomba W Torcie - Anarchia 666
BØREDØM - Über Alles!
Born Dead - Repitition
Bramborak - animal voice
Bramborak - scream
Bridge to Burn - Demo
Broflex - Driven by anger
Brutal Truth & Spazz - Split
Brutality will prevail - Scatter the ashes
Butrön - Lanza Térmica
Calm the fire
Calm the fire - Blackout
Calm the fire - Under pressure
Castet - Kings of punk
Castet - Punk side of the moon
Celeste - Pessimiste(s)
Centuries - Taedium Virae
Centuries - Taedium Vitae (2013)
Cerce - Cerce
Champion - Count Our Numbers
Chaos U.K
Chory - Demo
Cios - Self-titled
Claustrophobia - sobre las ruinas de la civilizacion
Cluster Bomb Unit
Cluster Bomb Unit - End the War Now
Coalition - Coalition
Coalition & Bora - Split
Coalition & Zycie jak sen - split
Cock sparrer - Shock troops
Code orange kids - Love is love return to dust
Coke bust
Coke bust - Fuck bar culture
Coke bust - In the sand
Coldburn - The harsh fangs of life
Collina - Hc=punk
Comeback kid
Contra la contra - Ni slova o politike
Converge - All We Love We Leave Behind
Converge - You fail me
Crustina aguilera
Crushing The Imperialist Machine-Dem o
Culture - Born of you
Culture - Heteronome
Kindred & Culture - Split
Cymeon X
Cymeon X - Free Your Mind Free Your Body
Cymeon X – Pokonać samego siebie
Cymeon X - Wygrac Swoje Zycie
Czosnek - Maras
Czosnek - Ponure historie zmagań ze stabilizacj ą zyciową
Dead hearts
Dead In The Dirt - Fear 7''
Dead Kennedys
Dead Yuppies - Singiel
Death before dishonor
Defloracja - Zobaczymy
Delicje - Rok szczura
Demokhratia - Bled el petrole takoul lekhra
Detonator BN
Dezerter - Underground out of poland
Dezynfekcja - Zwyrodnialy ranking wartosci
Die last - Ostatni
Dirt - Just An Error Tape
Disable -Ostateczna krwawa kąpiel
Disarm & Obbrobrio - Split
Discarga - Happy night eletric experience
Discharge - Demo 1978
Discipline - Downfall of the working man
Disgusting Lies - Byt określa świadomość
Diskonto - Diyanarchoh ardcorepunk
Disorder - Perdition
Dispose - Horror revival
Dispose & Kranium - Distor the north - Split
Dispose - Horror revival
Dispose & Kranium - Distor the north - Split
Dissapte - Mort per una asfixia desitjada
Distopía - Errantes En Un Mundo Dominado Por Presuntas Certezas
Distress - Progress regress
Diversion - My Liberation
Divine spark - Anima mundi
Down to Agony - Requiem por un mundo enferno
Downfall of Gaia
Downfall of Gaia - Downfall of Gaia
Downfall of Gaia - Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes
Dresden - God Has No Mercy
Driftnet - A sample of no commercial value
Driftnet - What we seek
Drinking Electricity - Overload + Singles
LP 2
Drip Of Lies
Drip Of Lies - Drip Of Lies
Drip Of Lies - Failure
Dyrektor - Nie pytaj po co pytac
Dystopia - Human = Garbage
Dzieci Opieki Społecznej - Demo Tape 1999
E123 & I know - Split
Easpa measa - Maggots & worms
band-infos- pics
Ecocide - When will it end
Edda & Minuala - Split
Edelweiss piraten - Kolejne ofiary zmarnowanych pieniędzy
Egzema - Against exploitation
Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdón
Sombras Del Progreso [Discografi a]
El banda
El banda - Przejdzie Ci
El Banda - Skutki Uboczne
Empty handed
Empty Handed - Cold youth
Empty Handed - Nothing changes, No one cares
Empty Handed - Perspective s
Evil - XII-XX
Exmisja - Arche
Exmisja & Czas złamac prawo - Split
Extinction of Mankind
Extinction of Mankind - Northern Scum
Fall Of Efrafa
Fall Of Efrafa - Elil
Fall Of Efrafa - Inle
Fall Of Efrafa - Owsla
Fatum - Skverna
Fatum & Distress - Split
Faust again - Hope against hope
Fausto coppi - Demo
Fight For Fun - Demo
Filth - live the chaos
Filth of mankind
Filth of mankind - Czas konca wieku
Filth of mankind - The final chapter
Finisterre - Hexis
Finisterre & Geranium - Split
Fix My Head & Knife In The Leg - Split
Floorpunch - New Jersey
Force of change (Germany)
Force of change - In the shadow of leaves
Force of change - Outstanding
Force of change - The challenge
Force of change (Usa) - The fire still burns
From ashes rise
From the Depths & Next Victim - Split
Full of hell
Full Of Hell - Music From The Dial
Full of hell - The roots of earth are consuming my home
Full Of Hell- Savage
Gangrena - Ślad Człowieka
Garmonbozia - garmonbozia
Garmonbozia - Self titled
Gasmask Terrör - Like Daggers
Gehenna & Integrity - Integeh Split (2012)
Geraniüm - Self-Titled
Get destroyed - Shut in
Good Clean Fun
Good Clean Fun - Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place
Good Clean Fun - Straight Outta Hardcore
Shopping For A Crew
Good Lookin' Out - Diy
Gorilla biscuits
Gorilla biscuits - Start today
Gorilla biscuits - High hope
Government flu - Are you sorry now
Graf Orlock - Destination time tomorrow
Guantanamo party program
Guantanamo party program - Guantanamo party program
Guantanamo party program - II
Guernica y luno
Gut Feeling - Self title
Hårda Tider
Harda tider - gatan kallar
Hårda Tider - Vår Sak
Hate stereotypes & Deathprom
Hatred chaos - Demo
Have heart
Have heart - Songs to scream at the sun
Have heart - The things we carry
Have heart -What counts
Anti-drug 1989
Demo 1989
heartless - hell is other people [2011]
Heaven shall burn - Whatever it may take re-release
Hgw - Demo 2008
Hgw - Niech milczą tylko martwi
Hgw & Intruz - Split
Hiatus - From Resignation ... To Revolt
Hiatus - I Don't Scare Easily But
Hiatus - Old Fashioned Shit
Highscore - 1997-2000
Highscore - Highscore
His hero is gone
Homomilitia - Demo
Homomilitia - Niszcz rasizm ale najpierw w swojej glowie
Homomilitia - Twoje cialo Twoj wybor
Hostility - promo'96 ep
Hostility (1995) - ...i niech jeden strzał
Hostility - ...i niech jeden strzał
Hulkhogan - Demo
Human Discount - Live 5.11.2011
Human Error & Livstid - split
Human Garbage - Nationalism is Fascism
Hundred inch shadow - Rise and fall
Hýaena - Aardwolf
I Hope You Die - Broken Windows
Icon of evil - Icon of evil
Ictus - Imperivm
In my eyes
In my eyes - Nothing to hide
In my eyes - The difference between
In vitro - Konfrontacje
Inertia Pills - Behind The Skyline
Infest - Slave
Instinct of Survival
Insuiciety - Believe and die
Insuiciety - The cure for the truth
Integrity - Thee Destroy+ORR
Jiheart - Jiheart
Joy division
Jude & DYSMORFOFOBIA - Vertebral Treatments
Jungbluth - Self titled
Kakistocrac y - An Apology
Kakistocrac y & Nux vomica - Split
Kakistocracy - self titled
Kalashnikov - La città dell'ultima paura
Kaplica - Dzieci Zepsutej Polski
Kaplica - Dzieci Zepsutej Polski
Kicker - Not You
Kids Insane - All over
Kismet HC
Klon - Ekonomiczni e uzasadnione
Klon - System nie jest niewidzialn y
Knockdown - Down for an eight
Komatoz - Within the law (2008)
Konwent A
Konwent A - Jarocin 1986
Konwent A - Live Szczecin '86
Korrüpt - Demo
Korrüpt - New sampler matery
Korrüpt - Step of annihilatio n
Krigshot - Maktmissbru kare
Krigshot - Örebro Mangel
Krigshot - Till Vilket Pris Som Helst
Krüger - Self titled
Kultura Obszczymura - Demo
Kuroi ame - demo
La Aferra
La fraction
La Fraction - st ep. (1998)
La Fraction - st (1999)
la_fraction -aussi_long _sera_le_ch emin-12_inc h-lp-2002-k inki
La Vida Cuesta Libertades - Слово Против!
2010 - Слово Против!
Landbridge - 7
Landverraad - Landverraad + Sloth
Landverraad - No love for a nation
Larm - Self titled
Last legion alive
Hellstorm & Last legion alive - Split
Last Legion Alive - Demo
Leechfeast - Demo 2010
Let stones talk - Let stones talk
Let Stones Talk - st (2000)
Liberum veto
Liberum Veto - Zbrodnia przeciwko swiętemu dziełu stworzenia
Liberum Veto - Naćpany nudą
Life scars - Life scars
Livstid - Livstid
Looking for an answer - Extincion
Losin' It - No Apology
Louder Than Words
Louder Than Words - Unholy Punk Rock
МамаВикиСок оловой & Louder Than Words - Split
LxPxLx - V
Mainstrike - a quest for the answers
Mainstrike - commitment
Mainstrike -Time still here
Makiladoras - In eigen hand
Makiladoras - Niemandslan d
Malachi - Malachi
Man is the bastard - sum of the man the brutality
Man lifting banner
Martyrdöd - Martyrdöd
Maypole - In Your Hands
Miles away
Milisi Kecoa - Kalian memang menyedihkan
Mind Pollution - Demo
Mind polution - Spalone dusze
Mindset - Leave No Doubt
Minor Threat
Minor Threat - Live At Buff Hall
Minor Threat - Minor Threat
Minor Threat - Out of Step
Minority - Rise Up
Minuala - Self-Titled
Miraż - Demo
Misery - From where the sun never shines
Mister X - не отступай ни когда
Monday Suicide - Demo (2010)
Money Drug - Live in Potsdam 22.02.1996
monster x - indoctrination complete discography
More than life
More than life - Brave enough to fail
More than life - Love let me go
More than life - Prelude
Morning again
Muerte al estado - Muerte al estado
Na krawedzi deportacji - Na krawedzi deportacji
Nausea - Crime against humanity
Nausea - Extinction
Naysayer - Down but not out - No Remorse
Naysayer - Laid to rest
Naysayer - No Remorse
Negative Approach
1981-83 - Total Recall
Negative Approach EP
Tied Down
No Rest
NO REST''Supor tar a dor''
NO REST''Todos Os Disfarces''
No se
No Time - No Time
No Value - Peaceful Violence
Noise - Pushinon
Noothgrush - Erode The Person
Noothgrush - Failing Early, Failing Often
Noothgrush - Suppression - Split
Nose bleed - Demo
Nothing Between Us
Nothing between us - Lions among snakes
Nothing between us - Nothing between us
Odszukac Listopad
Odszukac listopad - The masque of slight discretion
Of Prey - Worlds Fade Away
Ofiary agrafki
Ofiary Agrafki - O Nas
Ofiary Agrafki - O Nas
Ofiary Agrafki - Po Co Żyjecie
Ofiary Agrafki - Po Co Żyjecie - 1994
Ofiary Agrafki - Social Animal
Ofiary Agrafki - Social Animal
Oi polloi
Oi polloi - Ar ceol ar canan ar a mach
Oi polloi - Mind the bollocks
Oi polloi - Total resistance to the fucking system
Oi Polloi - Koncert którego nie było
Oi Polloi - Total Anarchoi
One hope - На своем пути
One way system
Only way out - Only way out
Orchid - Dance tonight! Revolution tomorrow! & Chaos is me
Orchid - Totality
Oreiro - 2012 - Promo
Oreiro - Heartfelt Words
Öroku & Gammits make war - Split
Panacea - Humanity is heading
Panacea - Panacea
Panacea - Under blackened sky
PARTIA-Dzie wczyny kontra chłopcy (orthodox07 )
PARTIA-Szmi nka i krew (orthodox07 )
PARTIA-Żoli borz mokotów (orthodox07 )
Partiya - Assholeraisers
booklet with lyrics
Per capita & Freedom is a lie - Split
Piel y huesos - Gusano
Pignation - Devastating Life Scheme
Pignation - You would hateto know
Pogotowie Seksualne - Na sygnale
Point of no return
Point of no return - Demo
Point of no return - Libertade imposta, libertade conquistada
Point of return - Centelha
Pom Pom beretta - Paris dance Oi!
Post regiment
Prawo Do Jazdy - Prawo Do Jazdy (2005)
Protestant - Antagonist
Protestant - Judgements
Protestant - Stalemate
R.A.P - Dreadman
R.A.P - Follow the sun
R.A.P - Generation
Ramzes & The Hooligans - Git rock
Ramzes & The Hooligans - Mechaniczna pomarancza
Ratbite(USA) & Ratbite(UA) -Split - Two teeth - Ratbite you scum
Razor bOi!s - Bad news for the scum
Reaching forward
No turning back & Reaching forward- Split
Reaching forward - Burning the lies
Reaching Forward - Discography 1998 - 2000
Red light - Red light
Resist - Resistograp hy
Resist - The solution... revolution !
Resist ignorance is bliss
Resist and Exist - The best of
Respondent - Działa-Nie!
rha. - plus
Ricochet - В тени гигантов
Risk It!
Risk It! - Demo
Risk It! - Leave A Mark
Rotten tofu adventures
Rotting Palms - Worthless
Rude riot - Demo
Ruins - Incidents
Sanctus iuda
Sanctus Iuda - Last Rec. (15-04-1998 )
Sanctus Iuda - Rząd korporacje wyzysk
Sanctus Iuda - Jap pressing
Schizma - Pod naciskiem
Schizma - Unity 2000 - 1998
Scholastic deth - Final examiner
Searching For Calm
Seeds in barren fields - Sounding the siren song in vain
Seein Red - Discography 1993-1995 - Punk Is Verzet
Seitan - D-Beat hippie lovers
Self hate - At the beginning god created fear
Shades Of Grey - Freedom Incarceration
Siberian meat grinder - Hail to the tsar
SIEKIERA - Jarocin 04.08.1984
Siekiera - Nowa aleksandria
Silikon fest - Silikon fest
Silna Wola
Silna Wola - 1994-1997
Silna Wola - Chaos
Sin dios - Ruido anticapitalist a alerta antifascista
Sista sekunden
Skarp - Bury Your Dead
Skarp - Requiem
Slapshot - I Believe
Słowa we krwi
Słowa we krwi - Teraz
Słowa we krwi - Przebudzeni e
Slump & Life Ends - Split
Smar SW
So Much Hate
Social distortion - White light white heat white trash
Social distortion - White light white heat white trash 1
Spirit 84
Spirit 84 - Beyond The Call Of Friendship
Spirit 84 - Off We Went
Stagnation Is Death - Cywilizacja upadku
Stanisław Grzesiuk - Szemrane piosenki
Stick Together - Surviving the times
Stone heart - The struggle continues
Stracony - Nowy system
Stracony - Uważajcie, bomby wiszą nad waszymi głowami
Stracony & Via media - Split
Stracony - Milczenie nas zabija (demo '94)
Stradoom Terror - patrzeć znaczy widzieć
Street terror
Street Terror - Rasa Przeciwko Religii
Street Terror - Syndykat
Street Terror - Time For Justice
Strong conviction - наша ненавист
Stupor - Prawdziwe oblicze
Subhumans - Internal riot
Subhumans - Internal riot 1
Suffering Mind 2010
Tang - Dynamite drug diamond
Tanzkommando untergang
Tear it up
Tear it up - Nothing to nothing
Tear it up - Taking you down with me
Ten Yard Fight - Back on track
Tesa - Heart beats from the sky
Tesa - Nekad
The 4 sivits & The tangled lines - Split
The analogs
The Bold And The Beautiful & Tunguska - Split
The Casualties
The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
The fall of efrafa - Owsla
The fight
The Fight - Stay punk
The Fight & Represión - Split
The first step
The impalers - Demo
The locust - The peel sessions
The Lowest - The Lowest
THE PACK - Its Still Ok
The Rival Mob - Hardcore For Harcore 7''
The scatter bombs - Total collapse
The Solexine Chapter - Amertumes
The tangled lines -Summer tour tape
This is your life - Before We Fade Away
Thrash Bandicoot - Demo
Thug X Life - All Eyez On You
ThugXLife - Jungle law
Thulsa Doom - 1998-2000
Totentanz - Edelweiss
Touche amore
Touche Amore - ...To the beat of a dead horse
Touché amoré - Parting the sea between brightness and me
Touche amore - Searching for a pulse the worth of the W
Toxyna - 1987 - 1990
Toxyna - 1987 - 1990
Tragedia wg.Post Regiment
Tragedy - Can we call this life
Tragedy - Nerve damage
Tragedy - Self titled and vengeance
Tragedy- Darker Days Ahead
Trash Talk - Awake EP (2011)
Trocki - Bez końca
Trocki & Herpes de crachat de fillette - Split
Trompka Pompka
Tropical Youth & Dispor - Split
Truth Inside - Best times
Tussock - Devastation Of Nuclear Proliferation (2011)
TxCxAx - Abhorrence
Uliczny Opryszek Oj!
Unamused - Red, White and Brainwashed
Unconform - В поисках счастья
Uncurbed - Society Gang Rape - Split
Unholy Grave
Unholy Grave - Charged CBGB
Unholy Grave - Unholy Bastards
Unholy Grave & Depressor - Split
Unkind - Harhakuvat
Unkind - Victor Or Victim
Up Front & Building - split
Upside Down
Ustawa o mlodziezy - Live Wodzisław Śląski 18.01.1988
Utopia - Utopia
V.A - Drug Free Youth Compilation
V.A - Open hardcore fest - The way it was
V.A - Take no heroes
V.A - Warsaw hardcore punk attack vol.1
VA - Freedom punker 17
VA - Prowadź Mnie Ulico! Vol.3
VA - Tribute to Ramzes & The Hooligans (2007)
Vacuum - XLos CrustaceosX - Split
Varukers - How Do You Sleep
Verse - Aggression
Vestiges - The Descent Of Man
Vestiges & Panopticon - Vestiges Panopticon
Vi som alskade varandra sa mycket - Trad dor staende
Vicious Irene - Takin the night back
Victims - A Dissident
Vitamin X
Vomit for breakfast
Walls Of Jericho
Warcollapse - Crap, Scrap and Unforgivable Slaughter
Warcry - Deprogram
Warzone - Fight for justice
Warzone - The victory years
Wasted - Outsider By Choice
Wasted - Suppress & Restrain
Wasted - Modern wold is dead
Wasted struggle - Guillotines
We Are Idols - Self-Titled
We ride - On The Edge
Weak teeth - What A Plague You Are
Werwolf 77 -Ostatni dancing
What we feel
White rabbit
Wieże Fabryk - Dym
Wojczech - Wojczech
Wolfbrigade - Comalive
Wolfbrigade - Prey to the world
Wolfbrigade - A D-Beat odyssey
Wolfbrigade -In darkness you feel no regrets
Wolfpack - A New Dawn Fades
Wolfpack - Bloodstaine d Dreams
Wolfpack - Hellhound Warpig
Words mean nothing - Demo
WSK - 1985-1990
Xaotiko Telos - In Front Of Paranoia
xFor The Innocentx -Мы будем помнить
Yo Sbraito - Demo
[2012.03] Demo [EP, CDr]
You suck! - Shit happens
Youth Brigade
Youth of Today
Youth of Today - Live At CBGB's
Zakon Żebrzących
Zakon Żebrzący - A.L.F
Zakon Żebrzących - Zakon Żebrzących
Zartako - Primero Nosotros
Zegota - Movement In The Music
Zegota - Reclaim!
zeroid - self titled
zeroid - zeroid lp
Złodzieje rowerów
Zoraki - Помнить, значит бороться
Дочки-Матери - Дочки-Матери
Закон о грешниках
Закон о Грешниках - Self Titled
Закон о грешниках - Травля собак
Проверочная Линейка 2005-2006
CD 1
CD 2
Считаю До Трёх! - Demo
Точка Кипения - Точка Кипения
Черно-Белые Дни - Огни
Штрафбат - Лучшие Годы
Nokia C6
Sygic Mobile-Nawigac ja Sygic mm10 by_luzikq
KSW 22 - 2013
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Carbonized napisano 17.01.2013 22:55

zgłoś do usunięcia
dzięki za DISRUPT!!!!!!

puncol napisano 30.04.2013 00:42

zgłoś do usunięcia
PUNKOWE RADIO INTERNETOWE - audycje - informacje o koncertach - punk archiwum z lat 80-90 - granie bez cenzury - Jarocin, unikalne kawałki PUNKOWE RADIO INTERNETOWE - RADIO   UNDERGROUND

misiek7027 napisano 10.10.2013 20:09

zgłoś do usunięcia
Dzięki za DOOM . Jeszcze PostRegiment ale innym razem .

Carbonized napisano 5.11.2013 16:31

zgłoś do usunięcia
Po raz kolejny podziękował panowi florianowi za nutę ! Tym razem INFEKCJA!!! napisano 6.05.2014 07:40

zgłoś do usunięcia
Dzięki za Dzieci Opieki Społecznej

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