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Mężczyzna 100% WŁASNY UPLOAD

widziany: 24.04.2014 00:14

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Ukryj opis Rozwiń
★ Politechnika Krakowska WIL BuD. ★ Gr 5 ★
♪♫♪♫ DXD 24BIT 352.8kHz ♪♫♪♫
♪♫♪♫ SACD r iso ♪♫♪♫
♪♫♪♫DXD mastering♪♫♪♫
۩ MUZyka ♪♫♪♫ FLAC_APE ۩
Touch And Go - I Find You Very Attractive 2000 FLAC (MacDeeJayPro)
۩ DVD Audio Ripy 24bit96\192 kHz ۩
Acura- ELs Sorround - demonstrati on disc 5.1 DVD_AUDIO iso
۩ Studio Master 24-Bit 88.2kHz 96kHz ۩
Acustic Alchemi
Allan Taylor
Amy Winehouse
Andrea Bocelli
Audio STAX
Beautiful Female Voice
Best Audiophile Voices
Bill Ewans XRCD
Carol Kidd
CHESKY Records sample
Christopher Peacock
David Garrett
Diana Krall
DIRE STRAITS - Dyskografia
Emi Fujita
ENYA - Dyskografia
Eva Cassidy
Guns N Roses
Hans Zimmer
Hayley Westenra
Jacqui Naylor
Jheena Lodwick
Julie London
Katherine Jenkins
Katie Melua
LINN Records sample
Ludivico Einaudi
MARANTZ sample
Mark Knopfler
Master Female Audiophile
Monica Mancini
Naim = Sampler
Nikki Yanofsky
Norah Jones
Patricia Barber
Pink Floyd
Radka Toneff
Rebecca Pidgeon
RED HOT Audiophile
Rolling Stones
ROXETTE_Dyskog rafia
SANTANA - Carlos Santana
Sara K
Sarah Brightman - dyskografia
Secret Garden dyskografia
Shelby Lynne
Stockfisch - records
Supreme Super Sound
Susan Boyle
Susan Wong
TAS - Absolute Sound
The Eagles
The Modern Jazz Quarted
The Number One Classical
Tierney Sutton
Tina Turner
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto XRCD
USHER Audio sample
Vanessa Mae
Wydania Blu-Spec CD
Wydania MFSL
Wydania XRCD K2HD
Yao Si Ting
Architektura ★ Budownictwo Magazyny
Dla Adriana
dla io
Dla Łuk
Schematy i instrukcje audio
Konwerter APE FLAC WAV
LVDS M960 długość 200 mm
3Z_Laptop.Repa ir.Videos.HD.R ip
Wybrane Muzyka WAV ♪♫♪♫
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By madratel at 2011-04-20


01. St. Thomas(Sonny Rollins) / Sonny Rollins*
02. Autumn Leaves(Take 1)(Prevert - Mercer - Kosma) / Bill Evans
03. My Funny Valentine(Rodgers - Hart) / Miles Davis*
04. You'd Be So Nice To Come Home To(Cole Porter) / Art Pepper
05. C Jam Blues(D.Ellington) / Red Garland*
06. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise(Hammerstein - Romberg) / The Modern Jazz Quartet*
07. Lotus Blossom(Kenny Dorham) / Kenny Dorham
08. I Want To Talk About You(Billy Eckstine) / John Coltrane*
09. Full House(Wes Montgomery) / Wes Montgomery
10. Just Friends(Sam M.Lewis - John Klenner) / Sarah Vaughan

Total time: 1:08:24

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By madratel at 2011-04-20
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-04-20
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-04-20
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-04-20
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-04-20
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  • 17 kwi 11 6:34
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-04-20


01. 5:15 A.M.
02. Boom, Like That
03. Sucker Row
04. The Trawlerman's Song
05. Back to Tupelo
06. Our Shangri-La
07. Everybody Pays
08. Song for Sonny
09. Whoop De Doo
10. Postcards from Paraguay
11. All That Matters
12. Stand Up Guy
13. Donegan's Gone
14. Don't Crash the Ambulance

Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-04-20
  • 1,40 GB
  • 15 kwi 11 2:57

1. What It Is
2. Sailing to Philadelphia
3. Who's Your Baby Now
4. Baloney Again
5. The Last Laugh
6. Do America
7. El Macho
8. Prairie Wedding
9. Wanderlust
10. Speedway At Nazareth
11. Junkie Doll
12. Silvertown Blues
13. Sands of Nevada
  • 0,85 GB
  • 5 kwi 11 19:43
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-04-15

Track Listing
All tracks written by Alan Parsons and Eric Woolfson
1. "May Be a Price to Pay" (lead vocal Elmer Gantry) – 4:58
2. "Games People Play" (lead vocal Lenny Zakatek) – 4:22
3. "Time" (lead vocal Eric Woolfson backing vocal Alan Parsons) – 5:04
4. "I Don't Wanna Go Home" (lead vocal Lenny Zakatek) – 5:03
5. "The Gold Bug" (instrumental) – 4:34
6. "The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part One)" (lead vocal Chris Rainbow) – 2:44
7. "Snake Eyes" (lead vocal Chris Rainbow) – 3:14
8. "The Ace of Swords" (instrumental) – 2:57
9. "Nothing Left to Lose" (lead vocal Eric Woolfson) – 4:07
10. "The Turn of a Friendly Card (Part Two)" (lead vocal Chris Rainbow) – 3:22

Released November 1980
Recorded Late 1979 - mid 1980, Acousti Studio, Paris
Genre Progressive rock, Pop rock
Length 40:32
Label Arista
Producer Alan Parsons

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By madratel at 2011-04-15
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  • 3 kwi 11 22:25
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By madratel at 2011-04-15

1. "Sirius" (instrumental) – 1:54
2. "Eye in the Sky" (lead vocal Eric Woolfson) – 4:36
3. "Children of the Moon" (lead vocal David Paton) – 4:51
4. "Gemini" (lead vocal Chris Rainbow) – 2:11
5. "Silence and I" (lead vocal Eric Woolfson) – 7:19
6. "You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned" (lead vocal Lenny Zakatek) – 4:22
7. "Psychobabble" (lead vocal Elmer Gantry) – 4:51
8. "Mammagamma" (instrumental) – 3:34
9. "Step By Step" (lead vocal Lenny Zakatek) – 3:54
10. "Old And Wise" (lead vocal Colin Blunstone) – 4:55

Released June 1982
Recorded Late 1980-Early 1982, Abbey Road Studios
Genre Progressive rock, Pop rock
Length 42:30
Label Arista
Producer Alan Parsons

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By madratel at 2011-04-15
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  • 28 lut 11 8:00
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-03-01

Track Listing :

1. Hotel California
2. New Kid in Town
3. Life in the Fast Lane
4. Wasted Time
5. Wasted Time (Reprise)
6. Victim of Love
7. Pretty Maids All in a Row
8. Try and Love Again
9. Last Resort

Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-03-01

Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-03-01
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  • 21 lut 11 4:44

Master saxophonist David Sanborn makes an astounding label debut with Time Again, and once again reminds his fans that he is firmly established as one of jazz's best alto saxophonists. Joined by an all-star ensemble of master musicians that includes Russell Malone on guitar, Steve Gadd on drums, Christian McBride on bass, Mike Mainieri on vibraphone, and Randy Brecker on trumpet and flugelhorn, among others, David Sanborn delves deep into his seemingly never-ending repertoire to bring his distinctive sound to a variety of pop and jazz standards. Opening with a super-funky rendition of "Comin' Home," Sanborn reveals the culmination of hard work and staying power with a powerful statement of the melody which seamlessly segues into awesome solos taken by Mainieri and McBride. They get even better on "Cristo Redentor," offering listeners another side of this infamous gospel jazz piece made famous by Donald Byrd. With soulful, innovative lines and a nighttime groove, Sanborn plays a reflective, sincere set that is destined to revive this song to the level not heard since the '70s, when it was the theme song for several late-night radio programs. Ditto for "Harlem Nocturne," which has become one of the most recognized television theme songs in the past decade. Sanborn, however, lifts it to another level with his dynamic 21st century outlook and brilliant improvisations. The all-masterful Time Again has something for everyone. It's romantic, it's funky, it's laid-back, and it's definitely one that should be in your music collection. In a sense, David Sanborn has pulled off one of the best recordings of his career. - Paula Edelstein

Track Listing:

1. Comin' Home Baby (Tucker) — 7:12
2. Cristo Redentor (Pearson) — 5:47
3. Harlem Nocturne (Hagen) — 4:52
4. Man from Mars (Mitchell) — 5:02
5. Isn't She Lovely (Wonder) — 3:17
6. Sugar (Turrentine) — 5:35
7. Tequila (Rio) — 5:38
8. Little Flower (Sanborn) — 3:38
9. Spider B. (Peterson/Sanborn) — 6:29
10. Delia (Sanborn) — 4:20
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  • 20 lut 11 4:27
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-02-20

Bucky Pizzarelli’s Swing Live on DVD-Audio is an astonishingly good work. Quite simply, this is the best multichannel music disc I’ve heard so far.

Sonically speaking, this is an ultra-minimalist recording that relies on the acoustics of the venue for the magic. There are no odd mixing decisions that question the authenticity of the music. The crowd and natural ambience are what you will hear in the surrounds. It’s imperative that you have your channel balances set appropriately, which may mean reducing the levels of your surround speakers a bit more than would be the case during, say, the playback of a movie soundtrack. The sound is immediate and crisp, but with none of the grain or noise that plague many live recordings. There’s abundant natural decay that makes the walls disappear. It’s wickedly good.

I have to applaud David and Norman Chesky and recording engineer Barry Wolifson on some of the decisions they made when producing this disc. Swing Live is termed a "2/4/6" disc, which denotes the speaker configurations that can be used for playback. First, this is primarily a 6.0 recording. 6.0 is Chesky’s surround configuration of choice, whereby the front and rear speakers are supplemented by two side speakers located 55 degrees off a center-oriented listener. For those who do not have this setup, they include what they term a "5.1 compatible 4.0" DVD-A track for those of us with 5.1 home-theater-oriented systems. Either way — in 4.0 or 6.0 — both the center channel and subwoofer are omitted.

Most listeners will probably use the 4.0 track and it is the default. There is also a 96kHz/24-bit stereo track (also in DVD-A) for those of you with a two-channel (2.0) setup. The 4.0 mix is clearly more dynamic and enveloping than the stereo track, which loses the venue to a large extent. Finally, there are 4.0 and 2.0 tracks for DVD-Video players.

These are great jazz performers recorded in multichannel, using what is obviously cutting-edge technology, produced by extremely talented and committed professionals. If that is what you are looking for, Swing Live is the ticket. And if you can’t make the trek this year to New York to hear some live jazz, you can still hear Bucky Pizzarelli and crew in a close approximation of the real thing. Excuse me, I have to go to the bar — uh, fridge — and get back to the music.

Track Listing:

1. Lester Leaps In
2. Sweet Sue
3. Dinah
4. Perdido
5. If I had you
6. Too Marvelous for Words
7. Lime House Blues
  • 2,06 GB
  • 11 lut 11 2:37
Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-02-12

Track List:

1. Bags' Groove [Take 1] 11:16
2. Bags' Groove [Take 2] 9:24
3. Airegin 5:01
4. Oleo 5:14
5. But Not for Me [Take 2] 5:45
6. Doxy 4:55
7. But Not for Me [Take 1] 4:36

Artist List:

MILES DAVIS- trumpet
MILT JACKSON- vibraphone (1-2)
THELONIOUS MONK- piano (1-2)
HORACE SILVER- piano (3-7)
SONNY ROLLINS- tenor sax (3-7)

Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-02-12
  • 1,42 GB
  • 4 lut 11 14:50
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By madratel at 2011-02-04

Track Listing:

1. Guitar Noir
2. Mosaic
3. Leaning Post
4. My My My
5. Rules of the Road
6. Blues De Luxe
7. Dancing on Streams
8. In Your Arms
9. Stolen Glances
10. Liquid Amber
11. Nighthawk
12. LJ Shuffle
13. Strawberry Fields Forever
14. Benny's Bounce

Image Hosted by
By madratel at 2011-02-04
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