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Mężczyzna Mariusz UK

widziany: 27.05.2016 20:03

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  • 17 lis 11 21:25

The Killer Barbies (Silvia, Billy, Muerte, Jeyper-man, and guest Bela Blasko) are playing at Tivoli World, a Wild West park in Spain. Komrade Irina [Lina Romay] and Komrade Ivan Ivanovich [Viktor Seastrom] arrive from Transylvania, bringing with them the "dead" Count Dracula [Kike Sarasola] to be placed on display. After hearing the Killer Barbies, however, Dracula awakens, falls in love with Silvia (who looks like Charo on a bad hair day), and decides to make her his own. Realizing that they have a vampire on their hands, park owners Pepe Morgan and Martin Fierro call in the world famous, blind vampire hunter, Dr Seward [Dan van Husen]. While Seward tries to track Dracula with his nose, Dracula manages to knock off a few cast members -- a faux Dracula, Bela, an acrobot with orange hair, and both Komrades Ivan and Irina. When Dracula tries to bite Silvia during a performance, Dr Seward decides to use Silvia as bait. He sends her out walking alone. When Dracula follows, they pursue and stake him. Dracula metamorphs into a white rabbit and hops away.

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  • 625,2 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:24
A young doctor kills himself after a medical committee terminates his research into human embryos, considering it too inhumane. His wife then seeks revenge on those who drove her husband to his death by luring each member of the committee into compromising situations and then killing them one by one.

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  • 698,4 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:24
In Puerto Rico, a down-on-his-luck private detective is hired by a woman to take compromising photos of her husband, a notorioous nightclub owner. After he finishes the job, he finds himself hauled in by the police, who inform him that the nightclub owner has been murdered... and that he is the prime suspect.

z chomika Gonzob

  • 602,4 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:24
Lina Romay plays a bored housewife who goes out and gets sexual pleasure from anyone she comes into contact with.

z chomika Gonzob

  • 745,0 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:23
"Fury in the Tropics" is Jess Franco's ninth women-in-
prison film proper, although many of his other 150+ films
have women-in-prison-type themes and situations. Lina
Romay stars as the proverbial prostitute with a heart of
gold who lives and works in a bamboo-built brothel,
regularly servicing the freedom fighters who stroll
through. She falls in love with one of her customers, and
she and one of her sister call girls are sent to a women's
prison, where they are promptly stripped and whipped in
the prison yard in front of the other prisoners -- the two
are whipped with a riding crop more than fifty times!
Shortly thereafter the women are stripped and hung by their
wrists and then have their breasts and private areas poked
by a sword. The women plot their escape, but cannot be
saved from an incredibly brutal gang rape, even vicious by
Franco's standards and even more protracted than the similar
scene in Franco's WIP film "Ilsa, the Wicked Warden." Yes,
Jess certainly knows how to please his audience.

This film was shot in the early 1980's during a very low
budget period in Franco's career, and as a result we really
do not see one convincing prison set in this entire film,
some of which looks as though it could have been shot in the
back lot of a store or a mall. Nevertheless, no one who is
going to watch this film is looking for the scenery. The
cheap, sadistic WIP thrills are here in abundance, and unlike
"Sadomania" or even the four-way female sex scene in "Women
in Cell Block 9", there is absolutely no humor in "Fury in
the Tropics", just torture, rape, a fat dictator general, a
vicious lesbian wardress, and heavy drama. The acting is also
quite good. Fans of Franco's other WIP films should not miss,
though be aware that the alternate version of the film,
entitled "Outlaw Women", is missing most of the prison S&M but
has an extended escape ending not in the main version. A
hardcore version, "Orgasmo Perverso", supposedly exists, but
I don't believe it has ever turned up on video."

z chomika Gonzob

  • 673,2 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:23
Lina Romay, best known as Jess Franco's wife and cult actress, directed this one. Franco wrote the story, the music, and did almost everything else. So what can we expect?

Well humor has never been absent from Franco's work, so be prepared to laugh. I've seen the spanish version so I didn't get all the jokes, but overall the hardcore sex mixes well with the touching comedy moments Romay has directed.

A direct parody of Falcon Crest, this movie is brilliant porn, not so exciting but still very interesting. I've even spotted one of the zombies of VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD during the scene where Sado Sommers is raped.

And when you'll find out what's the secret behind Falo Crest's excellent wine, your wine drinking evenings will never feel the same...

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  • 700,6 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:23
Italian spoken, hardcore import version of aka 'Al Otro Lado del Espejo/Lo Specchio del Piacere' the obscure 1973 film from Jess Franco. When Ana (Emma Cohen) decides to get married, her lesbian sister Marie (Lina Romay) commits suicide by plunging a dagger into her chest. From that moment onward Ana feels the impulse of killing all the men who intend to have a love affair with her while under the spell of her sister's ghost. This is the rarely seen Italian spoken hardcore version of the film and contains an abundance of hard lesbian action. This uncut/hardcore version has never been available in English language. This version of the film is a definite must for any true Jess Franco fan. With Emma Cohen, Lina Romay, Howard Vernon, Alice Arno, Francoise Brion and Philippe Lemaire.

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  • 17 lis 11 21:23

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  • 17 lis 11 21:23

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  • 17 lis 11 21:23
16-year-old Maria is forced into Serra D'Aires convent, secretly run by Satanists. Her confessor
is in collusion with the Mother Superior. Maria is tortured, forced into sex with men, women, and
the horned Devil, and told that it's all a bad dream. She writes a letter to God, and a Knight
rescues her, only to fall into the hands of the Inquisition, put on the rack, and condemned to
death like Joan of Arc.

z chomika Gonzob

  • 620,7 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:22
Using new footage and out-takes ripped from his other One Shot Productions films, director Jess Franco attempts to make a Marquis De Sade anthology but somehow manages to cobble together incoherent bits of sexiness, crassness, ugliness and tedium. Quite obviously the least effort amongst his One Shot Productions films, it's widely understood that this is the one film Franco made for his American company that had no real involvement from his new producers - and it shows. Without the steadying hand of producers Peter Evanko or Kevin Collins, Franco is left to his old devices of zoom lenses on flabby butts and repetitive loops of images and sounds. There's no story, just images set to music that apparently was supposed to suggest a mood. Instead it merely suggests that now is a good time to take a nap.

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  • 17 lis 11 21:21

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  • 17 lis 11 21:21

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  • 17 lis 11 21:21

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  • 17 lis 11 21:21

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  • 17 lis 11 21:20

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  • 699,9 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:20

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  • 699,6 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:20
"Disturbing and extremely well-made Jess Franco film about a woman (Lina Romay) returning home from an insane asylum only to discover her husband is now living with a man. The two men eventually find a nun (Susan Hemmingway) who's been raped and the three come up with a plot to kill the wife for her money. This is one of Franco's "art" films that manages to be quite beautiful in a poetic sense and ranks among one of his better films. The performances are all very good, especially Romay who once again gets to show off her sexual fits. Not nearly as explicit as I was expecting but still very good." -- IMDb user comment
Based on a story by Marquis de Sade.

z chomika Gonzob

  • 700,1 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:20


  • 712,7 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:20
A model named Barbara Hallen (Caroline Munro) has disappeared and her father (Telly Savalas) gets private detective Sam Morgan (Chris Mitchum) to go to Paris to find his daughter. Barbara's trail leads Morgan to a plastic surgery clinic owned by Dr. Flamand (Helmut Berger). Morgan's investigation reveals the horrifying secret behind the Doctor's miracle cures which is blood and organs taken from kidnapped young women. As Morgan's investigation closes witnesses are eliminated one by one, each in a more horrible way.

z chomika Gonzob

  • 656,9 MB
  • 17 lis 11 21:20
Whatever the case, "Justine" is as grim and depressing as any of Franco's S&M sex dramas, and is really only for Franco fans. I innocently showed this film to a friend who promptly stopped being my friend as he was so offended by the film's sadistic content! Lina Romay's performance is as outstanding as always, and Jess Franco's cameo as an impotent john is quite compelling and real. The film features lots of whipping and lesbian sex scenes, which apparently were more fully realized in the original version. The tension in the story of the sadomasochistic relationship between Romay and Alain Petit remains, but is not fully explained, probably thanks to D'Amato's editing scissors. Unlike most Franco films, "Justine" does not take place among beautiful, high-class settings, and this gives the film a further edge in that it is a hardcore porn film that does not titillate as much as it depresses, and forces the viewer to experience the ugliness of these characters' relationships and sexuality.

z chomika Gonzob

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