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Bass Guitar Secrets Home Study Course (Book+MP3).rar

gitarzysta300 / !! GITARA BASOWA - nauka gry na basie / book mp3 / Bass Guitar Secrets Home Study Course (Book+MP3).rar
Download: Bass Guitar Secrets Home Study Course (Book+MP3).rar

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"The CG-X method explained in my "Bass Guitar Secrets" course is the only customer-proven system I know of for igniting either 1) beginner, 2) boring or 3) "stuck-in-a-rut" bass playing into *highly impressive, performance level* bass playing in only 3 simple specific steps!"


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obrazek This complete method for the practicing musician covers: intervals, rhythms and melodic shapes; inversions, scales, chords, extensions and alterations; fretboard visualization, fingering diagrams; and much more. The CD includes 99 full-demo tracks.
obrazek The only book ever published specifically designed to improve your soloing! Includes 2 CDs of Marc Johnson soloing on each exercise (Marc has been the bassist with Bill Evans, Stan Getz, Lyle Mays, etc.) * Includes transcriptions of bass solos by: o Eddie Gomez * John Patitucci * Scott La Faro * Jimmy Haslip o George Mraz * Gary Willis * Dominique Di Piazza Also Includes: * Over 150 pages of exercises to help you create more beautiful, horn-like solos. * Many transcriptions of Marc Johnson's astounding improvised solos on the accompanying tapes. * Complete chapters on: 1) Choice of Notes In One Mode, 2) Phrasing Exercises in One Mode, 3) Choice of Notes On A Given Chord, 4) Typical Jazz Licks, 5) Practicing Soloing On Tunes
383300.jpg Learn the trademark riffs and solos of the famed Texas trio with this book/CD pack. Author and guitar expert Dave Rubin examines in detail a dozen of ZZ Top's biggest hits, providing thorough analysis, helpful lessons and demonstrations on CD. Songs: Cheap Sunglasses, Francine, Gimme All Your Lovin', I Thank You, Jesus Just Left Chicago, La Grange, Legs, Sharp Dressed Man, Sleeping Bag, Stages, Tube Snake Boogie, Tush. Includes an introduction and notes on Billy Gibbons' gear.
For more information have a look here: http://rockbass-beginnertoproinfourweeks.com/ Enjoy and keep on rockin' :-)
Only Book v042.jpg Here’s a great way to expand your blues playing in every key. And, it’s real fun, too! These are slow tempos and are for all levels of ability. Try playing some of the tougher keys without looking at the music and see just how fast your ear takes over. You’ll find yourself gaining confidence very quickly and that confidence will greatly improve your soloing. Charlie Parker learned the Blues in all 12 keys before he learned anything else. Transposed for all instruments. Each key contains a different blues melody and two compatible chord/scale progressions. It’s enjoyable and it’s sure to make you a better blues player. Rhythm Section: James Williams (p); Bob Cranshaw (b); Mickey Roker (d) Includes: A LITTLE OF THIS BIG APPLE DOWNTOWN CARMI DR JAY KENNYLL MAKE IT NOW HEAR THIS REPETITION BLUES SHUFFLE DUTY THE BIRD THE CAMEL TRIPLE ITIS WIGGLE WAGGLE
51ZPiXjmAOL_BO2204203200_PIsitb-sti.jpg Blues music is a sturdy, adaptable music that reflects many shades of emotions and lends itself to numerous stylistic interpretations. This 5 1/2" by 8" QWIKGUIDE is designed to help the bassist become more versatile. Each blues bass pattern in this book is played over four bars of C7. By practicing all 50 licks over the same chord progression, students can learn the basic concept of improvisation: how to play a variety of musical phrases over the same chord or chord changes. Each example is written in both notation and tablature exactly as it is recorded. The accompanying CD, featuring Larry McCabe's Heat-Seeking Missile Blues Band is recorded in stereo with drums and rhythm guitar in the center, bass guitar on the left, and lead guitar on the right. The licks are recorded at a moderate tempo for ease of learning. The rhythm guitar parts heard on the CD are taught in Mel Bay's 101 Bad to the Bone Blues Guitar Rhythm Patterns. The lead guitar parts are taught in Mel Bay's Famous Blues Guitar Lines. About the Author Larry McCabe was born in Kansas City, Missouri. He studied music with a number of teachers including Eldon Shamblin, legendary swing guitarist and arranger for Bob Wills. Deciding on freelance teaching as a music career, Larry received his degree in education from the University of Arizona in 1979. Since graduating from college, Larry has taught over 30,000 private music lessons. An experienced blues guitarist, he played in the Gulf Coast Blues Band, wrote a Living Blues magazine column called "Blues Box," and is currently on the nominating committee for the annual W. C Handy awards. Larry's vast experience in private teaching has given him a unique understanding of the educational needs of the typical music student. Beginning with Blues, Boogie and Rock Guitar in 1984, he has written a number of Mel Bay books on various subjects including guitar, bass, and song writing techniques.
516BAKRM33L._SS500_.jpg Essential jump/swing and modern blues bass lines for electric and upright players. Includes lessons and music in the style of Willie Dixon, Larry Taylor, Edgar Willis, Duck Dunn, Tommy Shannon, and more! The CD includes a lives blues band with over 20 play-along tracks.
HLE00695182.jpg The complete method for the practising musician. The accompanying CD includes 99 full-demo tracks. The book covers intervals, rhythms, melodic shapes, inversions, scales, chord extensions, alterations, fretboard visualization and fingering diagrams.
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