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Watchlist (2010) written by Jeffery Deaver, David Hewson, James Grady, S. J. Rozan, Erica Spindler, John Ramsey Miller, David Corbett, John Gilstrap, Joseph Finder, Jim Fusilli, Peter Spiegelman, Ralph Pezzullo, Lisa Scottoline, P. J. Parrish, Lee Child, Gayle Lynds, Linda Barnes, Jenny Siler, David Liss, Brett Battles, Jon Land, James Phelan.

Watchlist is a unique collaboration by twenty-one of the world’s greatest thriller writers including Lee Child, Joseph Finder, David Hewson, S.J. Rozan, Lisa Scottoline, and Jeffery Deaver, who conceived the characters and set the plot in motion. In turn, the other authors each wrote a chapter and Deaver then completed what he started, bringing each novel to its startling conclusion.

The Chopin Manuscript
Former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton possesses a previously unknown score by Frédéric Chopin. But he is unaware that, locked within its handwritten notes, lies a secret that now threatens the lives of thousands of Americans.

The Copper Bracelet
Harold Middleton returns in this explosive sequel to The Chopin Manuscript as he’s drawn into an international terror plot that threatens to send India and Pakistan into full-scale nuclear war.

In the first novella, The Chopin Manuscript, former war crimes investigator Harold Middleton possesses a previously unknown score by Frederic Chopin. But he is unaware that, locked within its handwritten notes, lies a secret that now threatens the lives of thousands of Americans. As he races from Poland to America to uncover the mystery of the manuscript, Middleton will be accused of murder, pursued by federal agents, and targeted by assassins. But the greatest threat will come from a shadowy figure from his past: the man known only as Faust.

Harold Middleton returns in The Copper Bracelet–the explosive sequel to The Chopin Manuscript–as he’s drawn into an international terror plot that threatens to send India and Pakistan into full-scale nuclear war. Careening from Nice to London and Moscow to Kashmir to prevent nuclear disaster, Middleton is unaware that his prey has changed and the act of terror is far more diabolical than he knows. Will he discover the identity of the Scorpion in time to halt an event that will pit the United States, China, and Russia against each other at the brink of World War III?
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Stuart Woods - White Cargo (1988)

They should have killed Catledge. But they were too cruel. They let him live while they raped his wife and daughter. Let him live while they sent his yacht and his family to the bottom of the Caribbean. Let him live knowing he could never find the killers in the drug boomtowns and pirate ports of Colombia. Then, one night back in the States, the phone rang. And one word gave Catledge something to live for. One word crackling through the night before the connection is lost. One word that launched a one-man war against a ruthless outlaw.
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Henning Mankell - Kennedy's Brain (2005)

Internationally bestselling novelist Henning Mankell delivers a terrifying thriller inspired by the tragedy of the AIDS epidemic in Africa.

Henning Mankell, the acclaimed author of the Kurt Wallander mysteries, has put his unmistakable stamp on this gripping new thriller. Archaeologist Louise Cantor returns home to Sweden and makes a devastating discovery: her only child, twenty-eight-year-old Henrik, dead in his bed. The police rule his death a suicide but she knows he was murdered; her quest to find out what really happened to Henrik takes her across the globe to Barcelona, where her son kept a secret apartment; Sydney, Australia, to find Aron, her estranged ex-husband and Henrik's father; and to Maputo, Mozambique, where she learns the awful truth behind an AIDS hospice. Her investigation reveals how much her son concealed from her as she uncovers the links between his death, the African AIDS epidemic, and Western pharmaceutical interests, while those who dare help her are killed off.

In the tradition of John le Carre's "The Constant Gardener", "Kennedy's Brain" was inspired by Mankell's anger at ongoing inequities that permit a few people to have unprecedented power over the many poor Africans who have none. Already a bestseller in Europe, "Kennedy's Brain" is both a thrilling page-turner and a damning indictment of inhuman greed in the face of the African AIDS crisis.
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Norman Mailer - Oswald's Tale: An American Mystery (1995)

Mailer opines that Lee Harvey Oswald was a sincere Marxist, a nihilist and an inveterate liar who was motivated to assassinate John F. Kennedy in order to shake up the world, to create the conditions for a new kind of society superior to American capitalism or Soviet-style communism. Oswald, he suggests, was quite possibly the lone gunman, or at least may have thought he was?in Mailer's scenario, there may have been other assassins present, unbeknownst to Oswald, conspirators working for some other group. His unconvincing analysis emerges from a labyrinthine pastiche of KGB and FBI transcripts, recorded dialogues, speculations, Oswald's letters and diary excerpts, and government memos. Mailer interviewed Oswald's widow, Marina, and also spent months in Minsk interviewing Oswald's Russian acquaintances and co-workers as well as KGB officers. Pretentiously applying the novelistic techniques used to better effect in The Executioner's Song, Mailer ploddingly recreates Oswald's day-to-day existence in the Soviet Union, then in New Orleans and Dallas in the months leading up to Kennedy's assassination. He hypothesizes that Oswald was a provocateur playing a double-edged game with the U.S. and Russian intelligence communities to further his own self-styled mission.

Mailer here explores not only the mysteries surrounding the murder of JFK but those involving the personality of the alleged assassin, Oswald. Employing the same technique that was so successful in The Executioner's Song (1979), Mailer arranges a vivid mosaic of hundreds of moments in his subject's life, recalled by scores of people and interspersed with extracts from his diary and from various official documents. In doing so, he gives us the daily textures of Oswald's life as vividly as he did that of Gary Gilmore. This is an impressive artistic achievement that offers irresistable, hypnotic reading. A substantial contribution to Kennedy assassination literature, it is, like Armies of the Night (1968) and The Executioner's Song, an essential book for comprehending American life in the second half of the 20th century.
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The Mammoth Book of Conspiracies - Is the Truth out There? (2012) by Jon E Lewis

"The Mammoth Book of Conspiracies" uncovers 100 cover-ups "they" really don't want you to know about. This collection delves into some of the biggest lies in history.

Bang up to date with fresh cover-ups relating to Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Afghanistan The 100 military, medical, religious, alien, intelligence, banking and historical cover-ups 'they' really don't want you to know about: The Military-Industrial Complex's fomentation of war with Iraq; the construction of concentration camps in the United States by FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency); the use of alien 'Foo Fighters' by the Nazis and the Japanese during the Second World War; the miracle natural drug suppressed by Big Pharma; the Israelis' responsibility for the bombing of USS Cole; the real reason why CERN broke down; the murder of Paul McCartney - and you didn't even know he was dead. Entertainingly written and closely documented, The Mammoth Book of Conspiracies uncovers the 100 most secret cover-ups in an accessible A-Z format. It covers 95 new conspiracies even more fiendish than those detailed in The Mammoth Book of Cover-Ups by the same author, and provides fresh revelations regarding the five furthest-reaching conspiracies in that book, including the assassination of JFK and 9/11. The book includes a full bibliography and introduction.

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Matthew Glass - Ultimatum (2009)

November 2032. Joe Benton has just been elected the forty-eighth president of the United States. Only days after winning, Benton learns from his predecessor that previous estimates regarding the effect of global warming on rising sea levels have been grossly underestimated. For the United States, a leading carbon emitter for decades, the prospects are devastating: thirty million coastal-dwelling citizens will need to be relocated; Miami will be washed into the ocean and southern California will waste away to desert; the relocation process will cost trillions of dollars. With the world frighteningly close to catastrophe, Benton opts to abandon multilateral negotiations in the Kyoto 4 summit and resumes secret bilateral negotiations with the Chinese—the world’s worst polluter. As the two superpowers lock horns, the ensuing battle of wits becomes a race against time. Ultimatum is a visionary and deeply unsettling thriller that explores the most pressing issue of the twenty-first century—the future of our planet—and boldly predicts the way the world will be in twenty-five years.
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For the first time in paperback, just in time for the 2000 presidential election: the renowned PBS anchor's page-turning fictional look into the brutal truths of presidential politics and journalism.. It is the night of the presidential debate. The election is eight days away. Republican nominees James Meredith, a fundamentalist Christian whose ambitions border on white supremacy, is pitted against four reporters who have just discovered damaging information that could ruin his career. What unfolds during The Last Debate will change the course of electoral politics and the news business forever.As "the ultimate insider-outsider" ( Washington Post ), and as a moderator of presidential debates past and present, journalist and PBS news anchor Jim Lehrer knows the world he writes about only too well. His novel--a satirical and absorbing story of the behind-the-scenes world of news journalism--also exposes the duplicitous posing and posturing of made-for-TV political events. And with the 2000 elections looming ahead, the targets of his satire--religious fundamentalists, self-important journalists, feral network programming heads--could not be more timely.
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In America's heartland, life is pleasant, predictable, and as solid as the ground under your feet. Not anymore...
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Don Easton - Jack Taggart 04 - Samurai Code (2010)

This intriguing, suspense-packed novel is the fourth Jack Taggart Mystery, following Loose Ends, Above Ground, and Angel in the Full Moon. This time the implacable Mountie Jack Taggart goes undercover to follow the trail of a cheap Saturday-night special found at the scene of a murder.

He traces the gun from the manufacturer to the person it was stolen from and through several criminals until the trail leads him to a suspected heroin importer. Taggart pretends to be an Irish gangster and penetrates the criminal organization, only to discover that the real crime boss is a mysterious figure out of Asia.

Taggart and his partner are unexpectedly taken aboard a private jet where they find themselves alone and without backup in the lair of one of the largest yakuza organized crime families in Japan. East meets west. The clash of culture explodes into violence when their real identities are discovered.
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Don Easton - Jack Taggart 05 - Dead Ends (2011)

Intrepid Mountie Jack Taggart is hurled into a world where morality, justice, and the legal system are pitted against one another. Taggart investigates the murder of someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Wiretap information identifies a shadowy gang member known only as Cocktail as being responsible.

Taggart and his partner go undercover to join one of a coalition of gangs who are at war in British Columbia. Their mission is to identify Cocktail and gain evidence to convict him of murder. Taggart soon finds himself knee-deep in drive-by shootings, meth labs, retaliatory murders, and date rapes.

An offer of a truce pact to stop the gang warfare is arranged by Cocktail. Taggart, along with gang bosses, is taken to a remote location to discuss a peace agreement. What they find is that Cocktail has lured them into a trap of torture and murder.
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Inside Threat (2011) (The fourth book in the Riley Covington series)
A novel by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn

After taking two football seasons off, Riley Covington is attempting to make a comeback in the league while trying to forget Khadi Faroughi, now on security detail for a prominent senator. But a new attack turns both of their lives upside down yet again. During a state funeral, terrorists overrun the National Cathedral and take senators, congressmen, and their entourages hostage, including Khadi. This new generation of The Cause is made up of homegrown terrorists - an inside threat to the security of the nation. They release most of the hostages, but Khadi and several others are kept behind as significant bargaining chips.

The Cause pledges to behead one member of Congress each day throughout the month of Ramadan as a punishment for their own country's rejection of Islam. Despite the protests of Counter-Terrorism Division director Scott Ross, Riley races to CTD armed with a plan and a fierce determination to rescue Khadi at all costs.
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Monday Night Jihad (2007) (The first book in the Riley Covington series)
A novel by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn

"A chilling ride through a nightmare scenario." - Joel C Rosenberg

He thought his deadliest enemy knelt across the line of scrimmage. He was wrong! After a tour of duty in Afghanistan, Riley Covington is living his dream as a professional linebacker when he comes face to face with a radical terrorist group on his own home turf. Drawn into the nightmare around him, Riley returns to his former life as a member of a special ops team that crosses oceans in an attempt to stop the escalating attacks. But time is running out, and it soon becomes apparent that the terrorists are on the verge of achieving their goal - to strike at the very heart of America.
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