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Ukryj opis
Dla Dzieci
Filmy dla dorosłych
Filmy Dokumentalne
0. Różne Krótkie
1. UFO & Paranormal
101 Weapons that Changed the World
12 O’Clock Boys
20 Feet From Stardom
20 Moments That Rocked Pop
20000 Days on Earth
2013 Moments in Time
2016 Obama's America
3 Champions
400 Years Of The Telescope
42 Ways To Kill Hitler
5 Broken Cameras
50 children - The Rescue Mission of Mr. And Mrs. Kraus
911 Day That Changed the World
A Band Called Death
A Grand Night In The Story Of Aardman
A Gray State
A letter to Elia
A Life on Screen - Michael Palin
A New Age Of Exploration
A Noble Lie - Oklahoma City 1995
A Norml Life
Abacus Small Enough to Jail
ABBA Absolute Image
Addicted in Afghanistan
Admirał Unrug
Adventures In Cannabis Hemp
Afgańska heroina - Zapomniana wojna
After Newtown - Guns in America
After the Spill
Akademia zbrodni
Akta Nr 9.11
Al Capone - Icon
Al Midan = The Square
Alan Watt - The Neo-Eugenics, War On Humanity
Aliens Are We Alone
Aliens On The Moon - The Truth Exposed
Alina Czerniakowska
All In The Poker Movie
All the Presidents Men Revisited
All Things Must Pass The Rise and Fall of Tower Records
Ambasador = Ambassadøren
Amelia Earhart - The Lost Evidence
American Anarchist
American.An archist.201 6.WEB-DL.x2 64-RARBG
American Blackout
American Grindhouse (2010)
American Illuminati
American Master A Portrait Of John Adams
American Meth
American Radical The Trials of Norman Finkelstein
Americas Hidden Secrets
Amy Winehouse A Last Goodbye
Amy Winehouse Fallen Star
Amy Winehouse Her Own Words
Anatomia Upadku
Anatomia upadku. Część 2
Anna Politkowska Siedem lat na froncie
Antyczny Świat Profesora Krawczuka
Apocalypse Hitler
Apocalypse Preppers
Apocalypse The Rise Of Hitler
Archiwum istnień
Archiwum X Kościoła
Are All Men Pedophiles
Argo Inside Story
Armi Alive = Armi elää!
Army Behind The New Frontlines
Around The World In 90 Minutes
Art And Craft
At Night I Fly
Australias Remote Islands
Australien Skies
Ayn Rand A Sense of Life
Ballada o prawdziwym kłamstwie
Banking on Bitcoin
Banksy Does New York
Battle Company Korengal
Battle for the Skies The Definitive History of the Royal Air Force
BBC Panorama The Brothers Who Bombed Boston
BBC The Richest Songs In The World
BBC The Truth About Immigration
Beauty Day
Beauty Is Embarrassing
Będziesz Legendą Człowieku
Behind The Fifty Shades
Being Canadian
Being Elmo A Puppeteers Journey
Berlin Wall The Night The Iron Curtain Closed
Bermuda Triangle - Science of the Abyss
Bert Stern Original Madman
Betar - Żydzi wyklęci
Better This World
Betting on Zero
Between Paranoia and Science Fiction
Beyond The Myth
Beyond the Spectrum
Beyond The Tryline
Bezpieka Pretorianie Komunizmu
Bikes vs Cars
Bill Cunningham New York
Billionaire's Paradise Inside Necker Island
Billy T Te Movie
Birders The Central Park Effect
Birdmen The Original Dream of Flight
Birth of the Living Dead
Birth Story Ina May Gaskin and The Farm Midwives
Bitter Seeds
Black Code
Blank City
Blind Skateboards Damn
Blood Brother
Blood in the Mobile
Blood Road
Blurred Lines Inside The Art World
Bombshell The Hedy Lamarr Story
Bond's Greatest Moments
Born In China
Brandon Semenuk's Rad Company
Breaking Bad No Half Measures
Breathe - A Freediving Film
Britains Holocaust Survivors
Britains Secret Terror Force
Britains Stone Age Tsunami
Brooklyn Castle
Building Burmas Death Railway Moving Half The Mountain
Bukowski - Born into This
Bunt - Sprawa Litwinienki
Bunt Stadionów
Burden of Dreams
Buried Knights Templar and the Holy Grail
Burning Desire The Seduction Of Smoking
Caligula With Mary Beard
Camp 14 Total Control Zone Docu
Camp Victory Afghanistan
Carbon Nation
Cartel Land
Cassino Nine Months In Hell
Catching the Sun
Cave of forgotten dreams - Werner Herzog
Chasing Coral
Chasing Ice
Chasing Madoff
Chasing Niagara
Chasing Trane The John Coltrane Documentary
Children Of The Master Race
Chodorkowski - Khodorkovsky
Choroby na sprzedaż = Maladies a vendre
Chwila Śmierci - The Moment Of Death [PL]
Ci cholerni cudzoziemcy. Polacy w Bitwie o Anglię = Bloody foreigners. Untold Battle of Britain
Cienie PRL-u
City 40
City Beneath the Waves Pavlopetri
City of Ghosts
Clarkson Powered Up
Classic Soul at the BBC
Clinton Cash
CNN Presents To Catch A Serial Killer
CNN Weed Sanjay Gupta Reports
Co mogą martwi jeńcy
Cobra Ferrari Wars
Cocaine Bandits 3 The True Story Of Killing Pablo
Cocaine Kingpin Pablo Escobar
Cocaine Unwrapped
Cold War, Hot Jets
Collision Point The Race To Clean Up Space
Command And Control
Cormans World
Could We Survive A Mega Tsunami
Countdown To Zero
Craigslist Joe
Crash And Burn
Crazy About Tiffany
Crazy For Party Drugs
Crulic - The Path To Beyond
Cuba and the Cameraman
Cudowna broń Hitlera
Cutie and the Boxer
Cutting Edge The Rich Kids Of Instagram
Czciciele Czarnego Słońca - Mitologiczne podwaliny narodowego socjalizmu
Człowiek ze studni
Czternascie dni - Prowokacja bydgoska
Daft Punk Unchained
Dambusters Declassified
Dangerously Rich Billionaire Super Security
David Attenbrough Africa The Greatest Show On Earth
David Beckham For The Love Of The Game
David Bowie Rare And Unseen
David Bowie The Last Five Years
D-Day 360
D-Days Sunken Secrets
Dear Mr Watterson
Death By China
Death or Canada Fleeing the Famine
Debtocracy [720p]
Decoding the Worlds First Computer
Deep Web
Defilada zwycięzców
Defying the Nazis The Sharps War
Diana In Her Own Words
Digging The Great Escape
Discovering - Simply Red
Discovery Channel Alien Planet
Discovery Channel Billy Bobs Gags to Riches
Discovery Channel Captain Phillips - Somali Pirates Inside Story
Discovery Channel Finding Amelia Earhart
Discovery Channel Flight 370 The Missing Links
Discovery Channel Inside the Aryan Brotherhood
Discovery Channel Nazi UFO Conspiracy
Discovery Channel Norway Massacre The Killers Mind HDTV
Discovery Channel Russian Yeti The Killer Lives
Discovery Channel Secrets of the U.S Mint
Discovery Channel Skywire Live With Nik Wallenda
Discovery Channel Space Pioneer
Discovery Channel Ten Commandments of the Mafia
Discovery Channel Ultimate Journey Antarctica
Discovery Channel Waco The Survivors Story
Distance Between Dreams
Dive WWII Our Secret History
DMT - The Spirit Molecule
Bonus Features
Do Not Resist
Do You Trust This Computer
Doktryna szoku - The Shock Doctrine
Don't Blink - Robert Frank
Don't Look Down
Doomsday on Wheels
Dopóki żyję
Double Cross The True Story Of The D Day Spies
Drugs - The Lowdown on Getting High
Drugs Live Cannabis On Trial
Drugs Live The Ecstasy Trial
Dynamo Magician Impossible 2011
Dynamo Top 10 Greatest Moments
Dysydent z KGB
Dzieci Tułacze
Dzieci ukradzione przez Hitlera
Dziewczyny z tamtych lat
Eames The Architect and The Painter
Earth Live
Easter Island Enigma
Eastwood Directs The Untold Story
Elegia na śmierć roja
Elstree 1976
End Day
EndGame - Blueprint For Global Enslavement
Errata do biografii
Escape From A Nazi Death Camp
Everything or Nothing The Untold Story of 007
Ex Libris The New York Public Library
Expedition To The End Of The World
Fabryka zdrowia
Facebook Cracking the Code
Fall of the Republic
Far Out Isnt Far Enough The Tomi Ungerer Story
Fart. A Documentary
Fastest [HD]
Faszination Afrika [HD]
Fatal Flight 447 Chaos In The Cockpit
Fear Of Flying Caught On Camera
Ferrari 312B Where the Revolution Begins
Ferrari Race To Immortality
Fighting Fear
Finding My Twin Stranger
Fire Ants 3D - The Invincible Army
Fire In The Sky The Lockerbie Bombing
First Light
Fittest on Earth The Story of the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games
Flex Is Kings
Flying Monsters
Follow Me The Yoni Netanyahu Story
Foo Fighters - Back and Forth (2011)
Food Evolution
Footprints Of War
For the Love of Spock
Forks Over Knives
Fotograf partyzantów
Four Horsemen
Francesco's Italy Top to Toe
Francis Bacon A Brush with Violence
Free to Play
Freemason Underground
Future Baby
Game Change
GasLand Part 2
Generation Iron
Genetic Roulette The Gamble Of Our Lives
Getting High for God
Gettysburg [720p]
Girl Model
Girl Power
God is the Bigger Elvis [720p]
Good Ol'Freda
Grabieże zwycięzców
Graffiti Wars
Graphic Means A History of Graphic Design Production
Greatest Mysteries Holy Land
Greatest Mysteries Vatican
Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters
Growing Up In the Universe - Richard Dawkins
Grudzień 70. Interesy władzy [HD]
Gry Wojenne
Guy Martins Spitfire
Gypsy Blood
Hackers Wanted
Happening A Clean Energy Revolution
Happy People A Year In The Taiga
HBO Documentaries American Winter
HBO Documentaries Questioning Darwin
HBO Documentaries The Education of Mohammad Hussein
He Has Seen War
He Named Me Malala
Heaven is a Traffic Jam On The 405
Hell And Back Again
Her Master's Voice
Heroes of Hells Highway
Heroes of Hells Highway Part 1 Welcome to Afghanistan
Heroes of Hells Highway Part 2 After the Blast
Heroes of Hells Highway Part 3 Bomb at the Front Door
Hidden Histories WW1s Forgotten Photographs
Hiroshima Next Day
Historia III RP
Historia Kowalskich
Historia propagandy
History Channel Apocalypse Island
History Channel Banned From The Bible Secrets Of The Apostles [HD]
History Channel Cocaine History Between the Lines
History Channel D-Day in HD
History Channel Decoding The Past Doomsday 2012 The End Of Days
History Channel Life after people
History Channel Pearl Harbor 24 Hours After
History Channel Sniper Deadliest Missions
History Channel Target Earth
History Channel The Marijuana Revolution
History Channel The Real American Sniper
History Channel The Secret World Of Gold
History Channel The True Story Gladiator
History Channel The True Story Titanic [720p]
Hitler in colour
Hitlers Children
Hitler's Rise - The Colour Films
Home [720p]
Homo Sapiens
Honor Generała
How China Fooled The World With Robert Peston
How drugs work
How Much Does Your Building Weigh Mr Foster
How Sherlock Changed the World
How To Build A Bionic Man
How To Build A Human
How To Build A Robot
How To Change The World
How To Make Money Selling Drugs
How to Survive a Plague
How We Invented the World
Hue A Matter of Colour
Human Swarm
Hummer i inni
Humpback Whales
Hunted By A Myth
Hunting Hitlers Stolen Treasures The Monuments Men
Hunting The Lost Symbol
Hunting The Nazi Gold Train
I Am
I Am Bruce Lee
I Am Secretly an Important Man
I Am Thalente
I knew it was you - Rediscovering John Cazale
Iceberg Slim Portrait of a Pimp
iGenius How Steve Jobs Changed The World
Igrzyska Putina = Putin's Games
In My Lifetime The Nuclear World Project
In Search Of The Perfect Human Diet
In The Garden Of Sounds = Nel giardino dei suoni
In The Shadow Of The Moon [720p]
Indie Game The Movie [720p]
Inequality For All
Infamous Serial Killers of Our Time
Insane Fight Club
Insect Dissection How Insects Work
Inside Combat Rescue
Inside Job
Inside Kung Fu Inc
Inside Raising the Concordia
Inside Rolls Royce and Boodles
Inside the American Mob
Inside the Mind Of Leonardo
Inside the Perfect Predator
Into The Abyss
Into the Mind
Into the Mind [2013]
Investigation Discovery 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined
INXS Never Tear Us Apart
Iraq - Did My Son Die In Vain
Is Amanda Knox Guilty
Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy
It Might Get Loud
Italys Bloodiest Mafia
Ja jestem
Jago A Life Underwater
James Bonds Spectre With Jonathan Ross
Japans Tsunami Caught On Camera HDTV
Jason Becker Not Dead Yet
JFK The Smoking Gun
Jodorowsky's Dune
Journey Through Lithuania (2010)
Journey to Space
Kadry NSZ
Kawaleria Powietrzna
Keith Richards Under The Influence
Ken Russell A Bit of a Devil
Kidnapped Saudi Arabias Missing Princes
Killer Legends
Killing Oswald
Kim Dotcom Caught In the Web
Kings of 70s Romance
Kings Point
KKK - Beneath the Hood
Kłuszyn 1610
Kolumbia - świadectwo dla świata
Komiksy z tamtych lat
Konflikty Bitwy Wojny
Korespondent Bryan
Kręte drogi miliardera
Krzyżacy. Powstanie, potęga, upadek
Kto wygra mecz
Kulisy II Wojny Światowej
Lakai The Flare
Last Days Here
Last Flight Of The Space Shuttle
Last Men in Aleppo
L'avocat de la terreur
Lech Majewski - Świat według Bruegela
Led Zeppelin Dazed And Confused
Legendy Jazzu
Legion of Brothers
Legiony Polskie na San Domingo
Lekcje rosyjskiego = Russian Lessons = Uroki Russkogo
Lets Spend The Night Together Confessions Of Rocks Greatest Groupies
Liberation Day
Life in a Day
Life Itself
Life of Ryan Caretaker Manager
List z Polski (różne języki)
Little Dieter Needs To Fly
Liv & Ingmar
Living in the Age of Airplanes
Lost Cities Of The Maya Revealed
Love and Sex in An Age of Pornography
Love Marilyn
Love Thy Nature
Lucio = Lucio. Oszust, Murarz, Anarchista
Machete Maidens Unleashed
Mad Dog - Inside the Secret World of Muammar Gaddafi
Maddman The Steve Madden Story
Mademoiselle C
Magic Trip
Malaysia 370 The Plane That Vanished
Man on wire
Manet Portraying Life
Manhunt The Search for Bin Laden
Mankind From Space
Manolo The Boy Who Made Shoes For Lizards
Marathon The Patriots Day Bombing
Margaret Thatcher The Iron Lady
Marijuana Country The Cannabis Boom
Marijuana in America Colorado Pot Rush
Marina Abramovic The Artist Is Present
Marsz wyzwolicieli
Martin Luther The Idea That Changed The World
Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues - A Musical Journey
Part 1 Feel Like Going Home
Part 2 The Soul of a Man
Media III RP
Meltdown, The Secret History of the Global Financial Collapse = Krach, Kulisy globalnego kryzysu
Merchants of Doubt
Mermaids The New Evidence
Metamorphosis The Science of Change
Metanoia - Mind Control
Meth Storm
Michael Hutchence - The Last Rockstar
Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror
Michael Jackson The Life Of An Icon
Michael Jackson's Journey from Motown to Off the Wall
Michelangelo Revealed
Mifune The Last Samurai
Military Channel Capturing Oswald
Miłość i śmierć Andrzeja Zauchy
Minimalism A Documentary About the Important Things
Mirage Men
Mission Control The Unsung Heroes of Apollo
Mit der Kamera an der Ostfront
Money For Nothing Inside the Federal Reserve
Mongolian Bling
Monkey Kingdom
Montauk Chronicles
More Than Honey
Moscow Freestyle = Moskwa Freestyle
Moto 8 The Movie
Mr Sin The Abe Saffron Story
Mroczne stowarzyszenia - Kult nazizmu = Dark Fellowships - Nazi Cult
MTV True Life - Im In The Marijuana Business
Murph The Protector
My Cichociemni, Głosy żyjących
My Friend Rockefeller
My Scientology Movie
My Trip To Al Qaeda
Mysteries of The Bermuda Triangle
Mysteries of the Bible
Mysteries Of The Knights Templar
Naga prawda o Sarkozym = Looking for Nicolas Sarko zy
Nakarmimy Świat
Narco Cultura
NASAs Unexplained Files
National Geogprahic Hitlers Hidden Holocaust
National Geogprahic Hitlers Secret Attack on America
National Geogprahic Nazi Scrapbooks From Hell
National Geographic - Ancient Computer
National Geographic - When Aliens Attack [720p]
National Geographic Access 360 World Heritage Cappadocia
National Geographic Access 360 World Heritage Mt Fuji
National Geographic Americas Money Vault
National Geographic Ancient Astronauts
National Geographic Apocalypse The Rise Of Hitler The Menace
National Geographic Bugging Hitlers Army
National Geographic Cia Secret Experiments
National Geographic City Under The Sea
National Geographic Cleopatra The Last Pharaoh
National Geographic Columbus Cursed Colony [720p]
National Geographic Costa Concordia Disaster One Year On
National Geographic Dinofish
National Geographic Disaster Planet
National Geographic Doomsday
National Geographic Drugged
National Geographic Drunken States of America
National Geographic Dubai Miracle or Mirage [720p]
National Geographic Earth Under Water
National Geographic Extreme Bat Attack
National Geographic Fight Science Stealth Fighters
National Geographic Generation Astronaut
National Geographic Guantanamo's Secrets
National Geographic Hacking the System
Hack Your Car
Hack Your Home
National Geographic Head of John the Baptist
National Geographic Hitler's Jurassic Monsters
National Geographic Holiday in Outer Space
National Geographic Hunt For El Chupacabra
National Geographic Hunting Hitlers Henchmen
National Geographic Inside 21st Century Warship
National Geographic Inside Area 51 Secrets [720p]
National Geographic Inside Cocaine War
National Geographic Inside Hasidism
National Geographic Inside Pickpocket King
National Geographic Inside Russia's Toughest Prisons
National Geographic Inside Tokyo Mafia
National Geographic ISON Comet Of The Century
National Geographic Japans Secret Sub
National Geographic Jesus Rise to Power
National Geographic Jesus The Missing Years
National Geographic Journey To Europa
National Geographic Katastrofy w przestworzach - Śmierć Prezydenta
National Geographic Killing Lincoln
National Geographic King Of Coke Living The High Life
National Geographic LA Street Racers
National Geographic Living in the Time of Jesus
National Geographic Living On The Moon [720p]
National Geographic Lost Continent Of The Pacific
National Geographic Lost World Of The Pacific
National Geographic Mammoth Back from the Dead
National Geographic Marijuana Gold Rush
National Geographic Martian Mega Rover
National Geographic Maya Underworld The Real Doomsday
National Geographic Medieval Fight Book
National Geographic Megafactories
National Geographic Megafactories Wargaming
National Geographic Megastructures Ferrari Rollercoaster
National Geographic Megastructures Singapore Vegas
National Geographic Mengele Twin Mystery
National Geographic Million Dollar Moon Rock Heist
National Geographic Moors Murderer Right to Die
National Geographic Mystery Files Hitler
National Geographic Mystery Files Jesus
National Geographic Mystery Files Nostradamus [720p]
National Geographic Nazi Hunters Herbert Cukurs
National Geographic Nazi Secrets
Himmlers SS Cult
Hitlers Desert Fox
Hitlers Family Skeletons
National Geographic Nazi Underworld
National Geographic Nazi Underworld Hitlers Desert Fox
National Geographic Nazi Underworld Hitlers Family
National Geographic Nazi Underworld Hitlers Henchman
National Geographic Nazi Underworld Hitlers Money
National Geographic Nazi Underworld Hitlers Women
National Geographic Nazi Underworld Nazi Gold
National Geographic Nazi Underworld Patient Hitler
National Geographic Nazi Underworld The Ghosts of U-513
National Geographic Nazi Underworld The Hess Enigma
National Geographic Norway Massacre I Was There
National Geographic Omens of the Apocalypse The End is Near
National Geographic Secret History of UFOs [720p]
National Geographic Secret Service Files Protecting The President
National Geographic Sinking Hitlers Supership
National Geographic Stalking Hitlers Generals
National Geographic Submarine Patrol The Mission [720p]
National Geographic Super Weed [720p]
National Geographic Supercars
National Geographic Superstorm New York What Really Happened
National Geographic Taboo
National Geographic Templars Lost Treasure
National Geographic Templars The Last Stand
National Geographic Ten Years on Mars
National Geographic Test Your Brain (1,2,3)
National Geographic The Flying Squad The Real Sweeney
National Geographic The Jesus Mysteries
National Geographic The Kings Speech Revealed [720p]
National Geographic The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden
National Geographic The Lost Diary of Dr. Livingstone
National Geographic The Making of The Iron Curtain
National Geographic The Skyjacker That Got Away
National Geographic The Truth Behind UFOs
National Geographic The Truth Behind Zombies
National Geographic Tijuana Underworld
National Geographic Top Secret Plant 42
National Geographic UFO Europe Untold Stories
National Geographic Underground Poker NYC
National Geographic Vampire Skeletons Mystery
National Geographic Vampires In Venice (HD)
National Geographic Virgin Galactic Space Trip
National Geographic Warrior Graveyard Ghosts of The Crusades
National Geographic Wild Journey Through The Milky Way
National Geographic Wild Jupiters Alien Moon
National Geographic Witness Joplin Tornado
National Geographic Woman Raised by Monkeys
National Geographic Worlds Weirdest Happy Hour
National Geographic Worst Weather Ever
Nations Pride
Natural Resistance
Nature The Animal House
Nazi Mega Weapons
Nazi Megastructures
Nazi Titanic
Naziści i blondyni
Neat. The Story Of Bourbon
Necessary Evil Super Villains Of DC Comics
Necrobusiness - The polish ambulance murders
Nie zabijaj
Niemieckie filmy propagandowe z II WŚ
Nigdy nie wrócisz do domu
Night Will Fall
Nitro Circus The Movie
NKWD - Gestapo Braterstwo krwi
No Logo - Brands, Globalization & Resistance
No Sex Please Were Japanese
NOVA Dogs Decoded
NOVA Lost King Of The Maya
Nowa Wojna Gazowa
Nowi władcy świata – Bank Goldman Sachs
Obey Giant
Obywatel poeta
Oceans of Crime
Ochotnicy roku dwudziestego
Odkryć Prawdę
Oklahoma City
Old Grey Whistle Test 70s Gold
On wierzył w Polskę [1992]
One Life
One Lucky Elephant
One Soldier's Story The Journey Of American Sniper
One World Agenda The Illuminati
Only The Dead
Only The Young
Operation Odessa
Orchestra Of Exiles
Our friend Putin
Our Planet Earth
Outfoxed Rupert Murdochs War on Journalism
Pandora's Promise
Paradigm Lost
Paris The Luminous Years
Party Pills Reality Bites
Pasażer na gapę - Jerzy Dobrowolski
Patient Seventeen
Pickpockets And Proud
Pig Business
Pink Floyd – The Story of Wish You Were Here
Pink Floyd Beginnings 1967-1972
Piper Alpha Fire In The Night
Planet Earth The Future
Planet Ocean
Planet of the Apemen - Battle for Earth
Plastic Paradise The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
Plot For Peace
Plusy dodatnie, plusy ujemne
Pociąg do Bollywood
Polacy [Maria Dłużewska]
Polar Bears A Summer Odyssey [1080p]
Polonia Sopocka
Polskie Termopile
Pompeii - The Myster Of The People Froze in Time
Portrait Of A Man = Miehen kuva
Poster Girl
PQ17 An Arctic Convoy Disaster
Pretty Wise
Prince - The Glory Years
PRL, Laboratorium Pierestrojki
Project Nim
Project Wild Thing
Prophecies Of Iraq
Prostitution Whats The Harm
Pułkownik Dąbek. Obrona Gdyni 1939
Punk in Africa
Putin The New Tsar
Putin's Kiss
Racing Extinction
RAF at 100 with Ewan and Colin Mcgregor
Raj pana Hafnera
Rancher Farmer Fisherman
Rape for profit
Raport z zatopionego miejsca
Rat Film
Raving Iran
Rebellion - The Litvinenko Case
Red Army
Red Arrows Inside The Bubble
Red Obsession
Renoir Revered And Reviled
Resurrect Dead The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles
Revelation - The Bride, the Beast & Babylon
Revenge Of The Electric Car 2011
Rewind This
Rewizja nadzwyczajna
Katyń - skutki polityczne
Rich Russian And Living In London
Rise of The Warrior Apes
Rock and a Hard Place
Rolling Papers
Roman Polanski A Film Memoir
Rome's Lost Empire
Room 237
Rosja - Długie ręce władzy
Ross Kemp The Invisible Wounded
Russian Spy Assassins The Salisbury Attack
Russias Hooligan Army
Salvador Dali Tragicomic Genius
Saving Private Ryan The True Story
Schwarzenegger Superstars Of Muscle
Science Channel Alien Planet Earths
Science Channel NASA Mission to Mars
Science Channel Stem Cell Universe with Stephen Hawking
Science Channel Super Comet ISON
Science Channel Surviving Exodus
Scientologists at War
Score A Film Music Documentary
Sea City Building The Impossible
Seal Team Six The Raid on Osama Bin Laden
Seal Wars Special
Searching for Sugar Man
Secret City
Secret Disco Revolution
Secret History Jutland WW1s Greatest Sea Battle
Secret History New Secrets Of The Terracotta Warriors
Secret Life Of Adolph Hitler
Secret Life of Cats
Secret Life Of Money
Secret Origin The Story Of DC Comics
Secret Societies
Secret Universe The Hidden Life Of The Cell
Secrets of the Dollar Bill
Secrets of the Force Awakens A Cinematic Journey
Secrets Of The Pickpockets
Secrets of the Playing Card
Sector Sarajevo
Seduced And Abandoned
Senna = Ayrton Senna - Beyond the Speed of Sound [720p]
Senna 2010
Senna The Last Teammate
Senna Week A Winning Partnership
Sexy Baby
Shackleton's Frozen Hell
Shadow Billionaire
Shadow World
Shalom Italia
Sherpas Cinema - All.I.Can [HD]
Shirley Visions of Reality = Shirley – Der Maler Edward Hopper in 13 Bildern
Shocking Asia
Shorebreak The Clark Little Story
Side by Side
Siergiej Magnicki = Justice for Sergiei
Silk Road Drugs Death and the Dark Web
Sing Your Song
Sinking Of The Concordia Caught On Camera
Smash And Grab The Story Of The Pink Panthers
Śmierć studenta
Smithsonian Channel - Americas Secret D-Day Disaster
Smithsonian Channel - Hitlers Riches
Smithsonian Channel - Ninja Shadow Warriors
Smithsonian Channel - The Gospel of Jesuss Wife
Smithsonian Channel - The Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz
Smithsonian Channel - Treblinka Hitlers Killing Machine
Sny stracone, sny odzyskane
Sour Grapes
Sowiecka Historia
Space Junk
Spisek żarówkowy = The Light Bulb Conspiracy
Spitfire Women
Spowiedż agenta = Apology of an Economic Hit Man
Square Grouper
Stacey Dooley Investigates Cocaine Capital Of The World
Standard Films 2012
Star Wars A Definitive History
State of Mind - The Psychology of Control
State of Mind The Psychology of Control
Stephen Hawkings Grand Design
Stonehenge Decoded - Revealed
Stories We Tell
Street Kids United
Super Juice Me
Superstorm USA Caught On Camera
Surviving Progress
Sushi The Global Catch
Święto na naszej ulicy
System Putina = The Putin System
Szerokie Tory
Szpiegowskie porachunki
Tajne radzieckie samoloty II Wojny Swiatowej
Taktyki i techniki przesłuchań
Tale Of A Forest = Metsän tarina
Tales Of Winter The Art Of Snow And Ice
Tata Kazika
Terms and Conditions May Apply
Tetris - From Russia with Love
Texas Chain Saw Massacre The Shocking Truth
Thank You for Playing Iconic Video Game Magazines
That Guy Who Was in That Thing
The Age of Consequences
The AI Race
The Armstrong Lie
The Arrested Development Documentary Project
The Art of Flight
The Atomic States of America
The Barkley Marathons The Race That Eats Its Young
The Big Fix
The Blockchain and Us
The Boy Mir
The Brussels Business
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Film dokumentalny
Produkcja: Polska
Rok produkcji: 2011
Dane techniczne: Barwny. 43 min.

W maju i czerwcu 2010 roku w gminie Wilków miała miejsce powódź. Prawie wszystkie domostwa znalazły się pod wodą, a ludzie w jednej chwili potracili dobytek całego życia. Wobec siły żywiołu bezradni byli wszyscy, nawet władza. Strażacy i wojsko przez wiele tygodni ewakuowali zwierzęta oraz dostarczali zaopatrzenie dla mieszkańców, którzy odmówili opuszczenia domów. Film opowiada o tym, jak tragedia uruchomiła w ludziach z całego kraju ogromną solidarność i empatię. Polacy z drugiego końca kraju nieśli pomoc Wilczanom. W filmie gmina Wilków jak w soczewce skupia wszystkie zalety i słabości Polski.

opis pełny | opis skrócony
Reżyseria: Rafał Dudkiewicz, Jarosław Wróblewski
Scenariusz: Rafał Dudkiewicz, Jarosław Wróblewski
Zdjęcia: Piotr Niemyjski
Muzyka: Michał Lorenc
Dźwięk: Łukasz Rydzewski, Piotr Nykowski
Udźwiękowienie: Kamil Sajewicz
Montaż: Paweł Suchta
Opracowanie graficzne: Andrzej Bobek
Kierownictwo produkcji: Rafał Dudkiewicz
Producent: Robert Kaczmarek
Produkcja: Film Open Group (w napisach nazwa firmy: Open Group Film)

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