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Architektura i design wnętrz
Do It Yourself Magazine 2011-2012 Full Collection
The Architect Magazine 2011-2012 Full Collection
Książki, czasopisma
Koralikowa biżuteria
Książki i czasopisma
10 Mixed Media Jewelry Projects
1001 colliers scintillant s - Cheryl Owen
101 Sparkling Necklaces - Cheryl Owen
20 modeles en Bagues en perles
20-Minute Crafts Beading - Katherine Stull
30 minute beading
500 beaded objects
Adventures With Broad Collars - Bette Kelley
Anelli con le perline - czyli pierścionki z koralików
Antique Style Bead Accessories - Matsuko Sawanobori
Art Jewelry
Artes manuales bisuteria
Bagues en perles de cristal - Celine Marchand
Bagues et broches - Caroline Jacquet
Bagues, Perles & Co - Violette Sembon
Basic Beadwork for beginners
Basic Steps to Beading - Suzanne McNeill
Bead and Button
2010 February
June 2009
June 2012
Bead Crochet - Bethany Barry
Bead Delights - Dolores Frantz
Bead Fantasies - Takako Samejima
Bead flowers - Minako Shimonagase
Bead News
Bead Quilled Jewelry - Kathy King
Bead Star
Bead Style
May 2010
Septembe r 2004
Bead Style 52 Bracelets
Bead Style Cool
Bead Trends
Bead Unique
Bead Weaving Accesories - Takako Sako
Beadaliciou s - Sonya Nimri
Beaded Amulet Purses - Nicolette Stressin
Beaded Collars - Julia Pretl
Beaded Crochet Designs - Ann Benson
Beaded Edgings - Melody MacDuffee
Beaded Favors - Bags - Jennie Might
Beaded Jewelry with found Objects - Carole Rodgers
Beaded macrame jewelry - Sheeri Haab
Beaded Ornaments to Knit
Beaded tassels, braids and fringes - Valerie Campbell-Ha rding
Beading For First Time - Ann Benson
Beading Inspiration - How to use Color in Jewelry Design
Beading with Brick Stitch - Diane Fitzgerald
Beading with crystals - Katherine Duncan Aimone and Jean Campbell
Beading with Filigree - Cynthia Deis
Beading with gemstones - Valerie MacCarthy
Beading with Pearls
Beading with Peyote Stitch - Jeannette Cook and Vicky Star
Beading With World Beads - Ray Hemachandra
Beads And Threads - A New Technique For Fiber Jewelry - Diane Fitzgerald and Helen Banes
Beads work mini motif pattern 100
Beadweaving brillance No.1 - Kumiko Mizuno Ito
Beadwork - Beaded Beads - Jean Campbell
Beadwork A World Guide - Caroline Crabtree Pam Stalle
Beautiful Bead Stitching on Canvas - Ann Benson
Beautiful beaded rings
Beautiful beads - Alexandra Kidd
Beautiful hand-stitch ed jewelry - Emi Iwakiri
Bejeweled - Claire Aristides
Best Of Beadwork
Bestiaire brode en perles - Nicole Le Maux
Big Book of Beadwork - Julia Pretl's
Bijoux - Louisa Harding
Bijoux che passione
Bijoux Couture Bijoux textiles, perles et matières
Bijoux de Perles - Christelle Magrez
Bijoux de perles pour nous les filles - Patricia Ducerf
Bijoux en cristal - Tissage de perles - Marie le Sueur
Bijoux en cristal Dentelles de perles - Marie le Sueur
Bijoux en perles
Bijoux et decors en perles - Gina Cristani and Wilma Strabello
Bijoux Fantaisie en Perles De Cristal - Takako Samejima
Bijoux tendance - Marie Enderlen-De buisson and Natacha Seret
Bijoux Tisses - Perles a l'Aiguilles - Marie Geraud
Bijoux tissés perles á l' aiguille 2 - Marie Geraud
Bisuteria con estilo - z kryształków Swarowskieg o
Bisuteria Con Nudos Chinos y Cuentas Suzzen Millodot
Bisuteria Con Telas - Teresa Searle
Bisuteria con Volumen - Diane Fitzgerald
Bisuteria de Lujo lub Beaded Opulence - Marcia DeCoster
Bisuteria y complemento s de moda con cuentas y abalorios - Ingrid Moras
Biżuteria z koralików - Madeleine Rollason
Biżuteria z kryształków i koralików - Christine i Sylvie Hooghe
Bizuteria z kryształków Swarovski - Maria Lupato
Biżuteria z kryształków Swarovsky - Marisa Lupato
Boucles d'oreilles Perles de cristal et fantaisie - Ines Valentin
Bracelets D´amitié - Veronique Follet
Bracelets et bagues perles de rocaille et fantaisie
Broches Fantaisie - Violette Sembon
Broderie bucolique au ruban et en relief - Di Van Niekerk
Bugle Bead Bonanza - Jamie Cloud Eakin
Chain-bead Jewelry - Scott David Plumlee
Classic Beadweaving - Ann Benson
Collers En Perles De Cristal
Colliers au fil des saisons - Denise Hoerner
Colliers en Perles de Cristal
Como fazer bijoux
Coraling Technique - Varvara Konstantino v
Crea anelli e paure con swarovski
Crea anelli e paure con swarovski - z kryształków Swarovski
Crea Con Abalorios
Crea gioielli con Swarovski
Creating crystal jewelry with swarovski - Laura McCabe
Creative Bead Jewelry - Carol Taylor
Creative Bead Weaving - Carol Wilcox Wells
Creative Beading
Creez vos bijoux - Genevieve A. SterBenz
Crochet Jewelry - Sophie Britten
Cross Stitch and Beading
Crystal Brilliance - Anna Elizabeth Draeger
Cube Bead Stitching - Virginia Jensen
Darmowe wzory
De Fils en Perles - Bracelets - Brigitte Bonnave
Decorative Beaded Purses - Enid Taylor
Decors de Noel en perles
Des perles et des bijoux - Nathalie Delhaye
Designer Style Jewelry - Sheeri Haab
Designing jewelry with semipreciou s beads - Kim Gover
Diane Fitzgerald
Discover Beading
Divines perles - Dominique Nisen
Easy Fashion Jewelry Vol. 1
Eclatantes perles de cristal - Christine and Sylvie Hooghe
Elegante glamour - Angelika Ruh
Especiais Bijoux - Curso Basico De tear
Estampes and Filigranes - Emmanuelle Heumann
Exotic beads - Sara Withers
Exquisite Beaded Jewelry - Lynda S. Musante
Fabric Jewelry 25 Designs to Make Using Silk, Ribbon, Buttons, and Beads - Teresa Searle
Fácilfácil Accesorios
Fiber and bead jewelry - Helen and Sally Banes
Fleurs en perles de rocailles - Marie Claude Burel
French Inspired Jewelry - Kaari Meng
French-Bead ed Flowers - Dalene Kelly
Fun with African Beads - Liz Bigham, Janet Coles
Gioielli in Trasparenza - Donatella Ciotti
Gioielli... biżuteria z kryształków Swarovski- Francesca Peterlini
Glamour chic-Bijoux en perles de Swarovski
Great Beaded Gifts - Linda Gettings
Handmade accessories
Haute Couture Beads Embroidery Motif 100
Irresistibl es bagues de perles vol 1 i 2
Jak robić biżuterię z drutu i koralików - podstawy krok po kroku
Jewelry & Beading Designs For Dummies
Joyeria Mariposa
Kids Making Jewelry - Denise Etchison
Knit with beads-beaut iful gifts - Scarlet Taylor
La boite a bijoux vol 1 i 2
La broderie de Luneville - Mick Fouriscot and Roland Gravelier
Les Bijoux En Perles - G. Caserini
Les perles - A. Prandoni
Les Perles- Bijoux etincelants
Little bead Boxes - Julia S. Pretl
Magic Loisir Les Perles
Magic loisir parures en perles facettees
Making Bead and Wire Jewelry - D. Cusick
Making Beautiful Bead and Wire Jewelry 30 Step-by Step Projects From Materials Old and New
Making Vintage Jewellery - Emma Brennab
Manualidade s bisuteria con hilo de alambre y ganchillo - Ursula Muller-Wust emann
Merveilleus es parures en perles de cristal et fantaisie - Dominique Herve
Mes creation de Bijoux
Micro Macrame Jewelry - Joan R. Babcock
Micro-macra me de la dentelle aux bijoux - Marie Le Sueur
Miyuki - seria książek
Nacres pour bijoux à croquer - Cindy Gueret
Netted Beadwork - Diane Fitzgerald
Netting all the way
Noeuds celtiques pour bijoux - Suzen Millodot
Origami Jewelry - More Than 40 Exquisite Designs to Fold and Wear
Original jewelry for gift - Tatsumi Mook
Parures de Perles - Christine and Sylvie Hooghe
Parures de rêve Perles de cristal et perles de rocaille - Dominique Herve
Parures etincelante s 60 modeles originaux - Dominique Herve
Passion Perles and Creation
Perlen Poesie
Perles - Toutes les techniques - Sara Withers and Stephanie Burnham
Perles 50 projets et astuces - Dorothy Wood
Perles De Rocaille - Bijoux et Objets en 3 dimensions - Marie-Helen e Zech
Perles De Rocaille Arbres Arbustes - Esther Le Solliec and Nathalie Allaire
Perles de rocaille aux quatre saisons - Caroline Jacquet
Perles De Rocaille Bijoux et Gadgets - Christine Hooghe
Perles de Rocaille et perles fantaisie sur fil metal - Denise Hoerner
Perles De Rocaille Et Perles Fantaisie Sur Fil Nylon - Denise Hoerner
Perles de rocaille fleurs bouquets - Esther Le Solliec and Nathalie Allaire
Perles De Rocaille Haute couture - Andrea Hirsch-Cian ciarulo
Perles De Rocaille Pour Decorer Vos Tables De Fete - Brigitte Bonnave
Perles De Rocaille-Bi joux Et Gadgets - Christine Hooghe
Perles et Bijoux - Juju Vail
Perles tissees - 50 bijoux a composer - Marie Geraud
Quick and Clever Beading - Dorothy Wood
Sakiss's Collection
Seed Bead Fusion - Rachel Nelson - Smitch
Semipreciou s Salvage - Stephanie Lee
Shaped Beadwork - Diane Fitzgerald
Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry - Heidi Boyd
Solo Gioielli
Spellbindin g Bead Jewelry - Julie and Christine Ashford
Step by Step Beads
Teach jewelry making - Chris Franchetti Michaels
The art and elegance of beadweaving - Carol Wilcox Wells
The Art of Bead Embroidery - Heidi Kummli and Sherry Serafini
The Bead Book
The Beaded Garden - Diane Fitzgerald
The Beaded home - Katherine Duncan Aimone
The beaded sphere - Judy Walker
The Beader's Color Mixing Directory - Sandra Wallace
The Best of Step By Step Beads 41 Most Popular Projects - Jane Dickerson
The Practical Beading Book
Tissage De Perles Avec Un Metier - Christine Hooghe and Natacha Seret
Twist and Loop - Annie Modesitt
Two hour beaded projects - Ann Benson
Un monde fou en perles de rocaille - Marie Claude Burel
Victorian Style Beads Jewelry
Vintage Style Beaded Jewelry - Deborah Schneebeli - Morell
Vos bijoux en perles et fils de metal - Linda Chandler and Christine Ritchey
Weaving Delight - Hortence Thomson
Your Seed Bead Style
Zulu inspired beadwork - Diane Fitzgerald
Mix - nieposegregowane, nieoglądane - bałagan
Nowy folder
Polymer clay - masa samoutwardzalna
Robórki ręczne
Ciuszki na szydełku i na drutach
Gazety zagraniczne
Serwetki, bieżniki obrusy
Gazety polskie
Inne gazety
Szukam gazet
Wire wrapping
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