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Download: GOF2-v1.0.5.ipa

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What's New in Version 1.0.5

NEW! ADD-ON #1 – Galaxy on Fire 2™: Valkyrie™ (w folderze Valkyrie - będzie na dniach IAP)

Valkyrie™ Feature Trailer:

• In-app purchase of DLC content, including the exciting new Valkyrie Add-On.
• Classical Galaxy on Fire 3D™ spaceships Wraith, Vol Noor and Phantom re-released
• Kamoo Club: Option to buy a personal space station to store ships and gear.
• Solar systems and planets added to the galactic map.
• Additional spaceships, weapons and equipment.
• Deep Science faction introduced.
• Black market trading system launched.
• Enhanced visuals and special effects.


• Void Asteroids now sometimes drop ores or cores when destroyed
• Terran battleships now have turrets
• Increased the Field of Vision
• NPCs of different faction now use different weapons
• Fog is now correctly blended
• Improved textures of stations
• Improved explosion animations
• Improved lens flares
• Improved brightness control
• Improved asteroid textures
• More diverse voice acting


• Fixed a bug where wrong distances were displayed in the HUD
• Fixed a bug where quest containers sometimes were not removed when finished a salvage or recovery mission
• Fixed an issue where the wrong mission text was displayed when finished a salvage or recovery mission
• Fixed an issues with looping message windows when trying to load OpenFeint savegames
• Fixed some texturing issues on midorian jumpgates
• Added a workaround for those who somehow managed to skip the last freighter escort mission and immediately fail in the last mission. The freighter will now not explode on the start of the mission so you can finish the game, too.
• Fixed an issue where you would sometimes not meet any other ships outside.
• Fixed an issue where the wrong magnitude was displayed for all bombs
• Fixed a bug where the map help window could not be closed ingame
• Fixed a bug where clients sold you already owned blueprints again


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Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

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